Jan 31, 2012

Short Update

♬~ I Like It Like That by Hot Chelle Rae !!!

I can't stop booming my ears with that song hahaha.
I shall online for one hour per day.
That is like freaking bull shit. I guess? I'll try to thou! :D

Should have concentrate more on my studies. So rare to hear this from me.
I am trying all I can to understand the torturous yet anticipating subject named Add Maths.
In chinese it's call, 高级数学 (chao ji shu xue). I just knew. Chao ji is like ultimate? Ultimate maths. Okay, Super Maths. lol.
But this is not the ultimate ultimate maths la. There are so many type of maths that I haven't know.

Mom just mentioned that my face looks pale! OMG! PALE? LIKE SERIOUSLY? :(
I can't believe I am pale. I didn't believe it til I look in the mirror. Yes, quite pale :(
What have I done? OMG. Pale -,- Never gotten pale before. Always have rosy cheeks.
I guess I have to 保养 already :/ Like Voonwei kept mentioning this few days, 保养 保养 保养. Hahaha.
Yes, actually at the age of sixteen, we should learn how to 保养. Not til so old only do it, if not it's too late.

I've got to go! Homework awaits. Two bottles of waters awaits. I'm dehydrated! Fuuuu.

Okay I haven't even watch their mv yet but I like the song a lot.