Jan 10, 2012

Random Cows :3

Ain't cows cute? LOL.
Can't believe I'm back here in front of my computer, blogging. And yes, I kept my promise..I post a random cow photo! HAHAHA. No others photo yo..

Why can I blog now? Because....
I finish my homeworks!! WOHOO
How diligent :D hahaha. Well, actually I finish partially :P
I'll continue to do the rest after this. I actually let my evening nap go due to my homeworks.
Really can't believe I did that. I rarely finish my homework during form 3. I'm a real slacker.
But this year, I won't be a slacker. I'm trying to be as diligent as I can because among my friends, I'm quite weak. Just say that I'm not that clever.

Oh ya btw, today my PJ teacher asked us about emotions. She asked;
Do you guys, teenagers, have any worries? Perhaps studies or..?
I told Pei Ern, "PIMPLES!". She then added, "Body shape!!!". HAHAHA.
Girls, you just gotta admit that we all care of our outlooks. 爱美you know? ;D HAHA

That's all. Tata.