Jan 11, 2012

Random Cake :3

Good afternoon peeps!
I just had lunch. Potato chicken. My favourite! *burp* :D I've been real boring nowadays, aren't I?
My stats went so low. Adui. My blogging skills suck. At school today I feel real ashamed because most of my classmates writes a real good essay. No matter in English or BM. My BM really is... :(
How am I going to survive SPM?

I'll let time to improve myself. It's only January. I just started form 4. 
Let me get use to things in form 4 then I'll be fine.
Actually now I'm quite to use to it. Having a lot of homeworks. Having presentations.
Alah bisa tegal biasa. Hahaha.

Oh yeah, this Saturday is my school's Merentas Desa.
I want to be on duty for scouts, no need to run HAHAHHA.
I'll just cheer for them like a boss, "LARI LARI! CEPAT". Yeah *evil smile*

That's all for today, bye guys.