Jan 16, 2012

My best friend is a blogger :)

I'm here to tell you guys something. After reading her post, it makes me feel real bad if I didn't ask you guys to follow her. She has been my best friend since form 1 which was in 2009.

I first started blogging in 2009. It has been 2 years plus, coming 3 years. I started blogging a little earlier than my friend. Even so, she is now an amazing blogger in my opinion. The way she types really makes the post real fun to read. You'll enjoy reading it. She have the aptitude to blog :)

Yes, I'm talking about you, Peiern.

Unlike me, the way I describe things are real shitty. I should really improvise myself. It's like pasting everything into one post. Making it looked sloppy and all. I really admire dedicated bloggers. Daphne Charice once said in her post "Always admires a blogger's work" (if I didn't get it wrong). Blogging is a work of art. How do you apply your words, how you tell a story, how do you add photos to the sequence. Yeah, all that.

In order for you guys to admire my work, I'll post nicely and more neatly next time :D No more excuses later okay? Wahahha.

Posting a blog post is not easy (actually quite easy sometimes :P). Sometimes takes for hours! OHMY?! REALLY? Yes, really.

So yeah, I'm going to continue blogging til #idontknow when. To all my readers, I really appreciate everyone one of you spending time to open and view and read my posts. Although it ain't that good, I'll try my best to improve it soon enough :) Thanks for the support although my readers are less than 100 :) (Ya, now you guys know how many readers I have. Really little compare to any other blogger out there)

But you know what? Lesser readers meaning lesser exposure of Prisong :D So~! Yeah! I'm keeping it low :P
Okay ya, crapping again...the moment i blog was already exposing myself to the freakin' big enormous world that have weird funny pretty handsome crazy people :O

Meme face HAHAHAHAH. Was looking for victory baby at first, but I can't find any that suites.
So I found this! HAHAH. Actually this looks cute XD I'm not a 9gag, yet. I guess? lol.

SO yeah people, go view and follow my best friend's blog;