Jan 15, 2012

Merentas Desa '12

Soooo..as I mentioned about my school's merentas desa on my past post, I'm gonna tell share about it today.

Other uniform unit were on duty as scouts that day. Kadet Polis with their full stylish uniform on. Oisheh. Seriously ar, I have very less to elaborate about coz I was wandering around the school before the run started.

The part where you write your name down? I don't know what was this for :X Coz for the past two years(form 1 and form 2), I didn't get into the top 150. I guess? lol. I forgot.

My partner of the day; Miss Peiern Lee. Jangggg :D

With our new scout t-shirt! wohoo!

Took a photo, Firdaus. He is our best friend in scout. Been friends since form 1. A real active and funny scout. It has been fun kawad with you for 3 years. Will miss you dude!
(the guy at the right suddenly come in this photo -..-)

Around i don't know what time, the form 1, 2 an 3 girls are at the starting point. 
The red shirt girl, the front row one. SHE CAN RUN. yeahh!!

Before they run, I got to take a chance to snap a photo with my physic teacher. I admire her yeah.

Our headmistress then held on to a horn.

The motors getting in their places.

Get ready

Later on, I went back in school with my partner. Looking at the form 4 and 5, getting ready to run. Then, I decided to see the students run, so, I went to the school's back gate.

Saw these two guys at the back gate there slacking from scouts duty.
VIP seats? lol

SUDDENLY, something genius zap into my mind. I thought of running from the back gate to the front gate which is like 1/4 of the running route. I told peiern, "Come laa, it'll be fun! Exercise weih!". She then followed my genius plan lol. 

We started with a slow jog with T-ara's Lovey Dovey song on. (wanted to shuffle actually)
I then ran faster and faster and faster.
People were like, "WAH so fast want to reach already!"
I told peiern to act like we are almost winning already.
All of a sudden, LCD's sister ran from behind. Now this is only the real winner.
Peiern and I are fake runners haha. That girl is really fast (Y)

I tell you, she ran so fast til she was way ahead of us already. Yeah, peiern and I are such slow runners. But we still try to catch up with her. I told peiern, "Quick Ern! Quickkk!", "Run for our sexy legs!!!". :D

THEN, a surprising yet shocking thing happened. An indian girl fell right in front of Peiern. SHOCKED. There it was, a fainted girl in front of me. Teacher coincidently passed by, she called for help. Where as Peiern and I laid her down on the grass. She is extremely exhausted. I still remember hearing "Nak lari nak lari" with her eyes almost closing. You can see how enthusiastic an athlete is. SOMEHOW, she manage to run away from us and it was fast! We chased after her, she was so fast. Kelian peiern for catching up with me. In the end the pbsm came, and yeah rescue her.

We were so dedicated as a scouts, we left our 2nd and 3rd position to save her. lol. I felt bad for her coz there were just a few more metres til the finish line. Able to reach the finish line is a sign of accomplishment. That feeling of accomplishment is great.

We were so sweaty! Our face went pink.

Another moment; my sister.
I was resting and then suddenly i saw someone familliar. My sister! She ran so fast!! OMG.
At that moment, seeing her run, it made me want to cry.."My sister can run so fast" :')
So touching and proud at that moment. I saw her pass the finish line. She got 56th.
I'm so proud.
My friends were praising her, saying how was her final sprint. 
Her face were all pinkish too. haha.

We both then were back to scout's duty. Picking up rubbish. No no no..i'm gonna use a better word.
Caring for the environment :)

Scout group photo :)

Okay i'm just going to end this post real quick, I'm out of time now.


and Firdaus and Farid..
Good luck at your guys new school.

Thats all bye!