Jan 6, 2012

I'm up for the challenge.

Hi guys!

First week of school just ended. Just three days of schooling and yet, I could feel the stress :X (WHATTT)
I can tell you that taking pure science is a BIG CHALLENGE. Well for me, it is. I kinda hesitated to take pure science at first. I took many considerations. I think about this almost the whole day at school. Wondering if I've made the right choice. In the end, I took a big breathe and made up my mind.

I am going to challenge myself.


Choosing pure science is like my biggest challenge ever in my life (so far). Although PMR was hard, PMR is still like climbing up Gunung Tahan. Where as pure science is like Gunung Kinabalu (I wanted to say Mount Everest thou..but I think working life is the hardest...so I'm gonna keep it first hehe).

Today, I got a bit info of what's Bahasa Melayu was like. My eyes got cockoo when I flip through SPM 2010. Bahasa's SPM level is way higher than PMR's man! The questions went double! Walaoeh. I really don't know how will I manage to write a few essay in 2hours time. Plus, the essay (karangan umum) need at least 350words..minumum! That is like 3 pages. If you want good marks, you'll have to write 3 1/2 or 4 pages :O
ARGH! I'll be push to the limits.

I'm glad that my seniors that gave me some advice to be prepare for form 4. They all kept wishing my good luck because form 4 ain't easy. Thank you :)

A friendly reminder to all form 4 year 2012:
(Does that reminds you of your teacher? I'm not sure if your guy's teacher said that but all of the teachers here said that to me every time)

All the best guys! ;)