Jan 22, 2012

新年快乐 龙年! huaat ah! ♥

mom made this lantern with the help of youtube :D

It's officially Chinese New Year Eve! I can't believe it's tomorrow is Chinese New Year! I love almost everything about it!

Family gathering
Ang pao's!
Watching CNY movie together! (my favourite big family moment)

the tonnes of homework that teacher gave -,-
and the mosquitoes bites that i get from my hometown.

Actually, I like Chinese New Year Eve even more because this is the time where all your relatives will be home for dinner团圆饭. I love 团圆饭 a lot! Why?
Ze foooood !
It sort of gives me the anxiety, curiousity of what's-for-dinner.
HAHA, weird?

Have a nice Chinese New Year Eve and Chinese New Year!
恭喜发财 万事如意 :) 一起发大财! huaattt ar! :D