Jan 1, 2012

Form 1 orientation + Jamuan SPBT

SO LONG ONLY UPDATE MY BLOG ERGH -..- 觉得对不起了自己的blog /.\

Ok! Let's begin! So on the 30th of Decemeber. My sister is having her orientation. I went there too coz I'm on duty at the same time can look after her.

Scout was on duty too. Fyi, they are stealing teacher's car. lol.


After that, we all use Fatin's dslr to take photos.
kononnya photographer -.- #dafuq?

My teacher. She knows how to take good photos. Where as I, NOT AT ALL -..-

Continue with more photos... #trollface

Joel went there too! he is not a spbt but he get ice-cream (Y) hahaha

This senior is really generous. Thank you!!!


Some of the SPBT. OMG I'm THE SHORTEST (just noticed). Who cares... :P

Later on, went shopping with teacher, Najmi, Chungjie and Syed.
Learned a lot of things that school don't teach. Got what I mean? Nvm la.
Head home around 5.30pm.

I had fun :)