Jan 10, 2012

Busy with homeworks

Just reached home from school and now I'm here to blog. Woahh :O lol

My baby sister just woke up.. Aww :) SO CUTE.
Once she is awake, she'll walk out of her room with her thumb in her mouth and her favourite bolster in her left hand :)

Yeah, I've been real busy lately. Due to homeworks! I have 7 homeworks on my list now. The homeworks keep my busy, which is actually a good thing, for me. During the holidays, I was like so lifeless and all. At least now I have homeworks to keep me occupied. A target. Enable to finish all my homeworks is my target lol.

If not right, I'll facebook and watch tv for the whole day. So lifeless! Ergh. I dislike myself doing that.

Kay, I'll stop right here. The food infront of me is seducing me lol.

PS: No photos for you guys haha. It'll be a plain posts from now on. Opss.. Wait few days more la.. Maybe got photos to keep this blog lively.