Jan 23, 2012

今天是 年初一 !

大家 恭喜发财! 开心乐龙龙 ;D
Oh..because..I have some free time now. My relatives are actually resting ;O This morning and afternoon were quite busy with things and stuff. Everyone slept quite late last night. Chinese New Year ma... Sleep late also never mind. Even I slept late REAL LATE -..-

I was awaken by the lion dance. You know the sound la..really loud one. The drums! So~the first thing that I said that morning was "Lion dance. I wanna see the lion dance..", with my blurry sound. I quickly washed my wash, change clothes and chase after the LION.

Not my house. That's why the lion's butt is facing me instead of the face.
What can I say about this lion dance? Very poor. Not lively. Not active. Normal moves. Aiyoh.

After that, we went to Temerloh River. On our way, we spot another lion dance by a different society.
Now this one is really (Y). Full of energy and more skills. Another guys at the back were practicing.

Yeah, we went to Temerloh River again.
I wanna cross that bridge! BUT it was closed :( YORHHH.

Yeap, my cousin brother. 8 years old but quite tall already.

Sister Est with cousin bro.

Yeah, sisters. Noticed Est hands? two tone colour haha. Mine too but not that obvious :D

Temerloh streets were decorated with lanterns! Yeahman.

Gonna stop here. Don't miss me lol. Okay, ending this post with a lion head!
Should have stole it when i have the chance LOL.