Jan 31, 2012

Short Update

♬~ I Like It Like That by Hot Chelle Rae !!!

I can't stop booming my ears with that song hahaha.
I shall online for one hour per day.
That is like freaking bull shit. I guess? I'll try to thou! :D

Should have concentrate more on my studies. So rare to hear this from me.
I am trying all I can to understand the torturous yet anticipating subject named Add Maths.
In chinese it's call, 高级数学 (chao ji shu xue). I just knew. Chao ji is like ultimate? Ultimate maths. Okay, Super Maths. lol.
But this is not the ultimate ultimate maths la. There are so many type of maths that I haven't know.

Mom just mentioned that my face looks pale! OMG! PALE? LIKE SERIOUSLY? :(
I can't believe I am pale. I didn't believe it til I look in the mirror. Yes, quite pale :(
What have I done? OMG. Pale -,- Never gotten pale before. Always have rosy cheeks.
I guess I have to 保养 already :/ Like Voonwei kept mentioning this few days, 保养 保养 保养. Hahaha.
Yes, actually at the age of sixteen, we should learn how to 保养. Not til so old only do it, if not it's too late.

I've got to go! Homework awaits. Two bottles of waters awaits. I'm dehydrated! Fuuuu.

Okay I haven't even watch their mv yet but I like the song a lot.

Jan 30, 2012


一段感情是从一个很简单的字开始 "Hi" , "Hello" , or "你好" (我觉得现在的人很少用"你好"耶)
那段感情会发展到什么地步 就是看你们怎么做

我不懂我在想什么 哈哈 突然间会打出这些字 ;D

今天在学校超闷的! 老师抓不到我的attention 加上昨晚做功课到很夜 -,-

omg. 我不懂要说什么了 hahahaha

会在update :D

Jan 23, 2012

今天是 年初一 !

大家 恭喜发财! 开心乐龙龙 ;D
Oh..because..I have some free time now. My relatives are actually resting ;O This morning and afternoon were quite busy with things and stuff. Everyone slept quite late last night. Chinese New Year ma... Sleep late also never mind. Even I slept late REAL LATE -..-

I was awaken by the lion dance. You know the sound la..really loud one. The drums! So~the first thing that I said that morning was "Lion dance. I wanna see the lion dance..", with my blurry sound. I quickly washed my wash, change clothes and chase after the LION.

Not my house. That's why the lion's butt is facing me instead of the face.
What can I say about this lion dance? Very poor. Not lively. Not active. Normal moves. Aiyoh.

After that, we went to Temerloh River. On our way, we spot another lion dance by a different society.
Now this one is really (Y). Full of energy and more skills. Another guys at the back were practicing.

Yeah, we went to Temerloh River again.
I wanna cross that bridge! BUT it was closed :( YORHHH.

Yeap, my cousin brother. 8 years old but quite tall already.

Sister Est with cousin bro.

Yeah, sisters. Noticed Est hands? two tone colour haha. Mine too but not that obvious :D

Temerloh streets were decorated with lanterns! Yeahman.

Gonna stop here. Don't miss me lol. Okay, ending this post with a lion head!
Should have stole it when i have the chance LOL.


Jan 22, 2012

新年快乐 龙年! huaat ah! ♥

mom made this lantern with the help of youtube :D

It's officially Chinese New Year Eve! I can't believe it's tomorrow is Chinese New Year! I love almost everything about it!

Family gathering
Ang pao's!
Watching CNY movie together! (my favourite big family moment)

the tonnes of homework that teacher gave -,-
and the mosquitoes bites that i get from my hometown.

Actually, I like Chinese New Year Eve even more because this is the time where all your relatives will be home for dinner团圆饭. I love 团圆饭 a lot! Why?
Ze foooood !
It sort of gives me the anxiety, curiousity of what's-for-dinner.
HAHA, weird?

Have a nice Chinese New Year Eve and Chinese New Year!
恭喜发财 万事如意 :) 一起发大财! huaattt ar! :D

Jan 18, 2012

Photoshaker app

Photoshaker app.

These past few days, I kept installing lots of photography apps. I came across to something called the Photoshaker. I immediately fell in love with this app. It's so much fun using it. Not only it combines picture uniquely, the effects is quite impressing :D

Scroll down

#1 - Vintage effect.

#2 - Notice that they have nice frames? :) This app have so many frames to choose from!

#3 - Bubble sticker.
Baby sister, Apple Ong :)

There are so many other effects, frames, stickers and etc. Go and install it and feel the fun of shaking your phone ;)
Post me you your photos that you edited using this app, if you want to lol.


Today's epic moment: Winning the tug of war. YEAH. and LOLY shuffled!

Ah Wing - Malaysia's Number 1 Salesman!




Omg, this is so funny. Such a desperate salesman. He try to do anything to get that guy to but from him.
A thumbs up goes out to him for changing his identity. From a guy til a guy.
"This camera makes me looks very pretty you know?", *pulls out Bieber poster* LOL

Kay I'm gonna watch it again :D

Jan 16, 2012

My best friend is a blogger :)

I'm here to tell you guys something. After reading her post, it makes me feel real bad if I didn't ask you guys to follow her. She has been my best friend since form 1 which was in 2009.

I first started blogging in 2009. It has been 2 years plus, coming 3 years. I started blogging a little earlier than my friend. Even so, she is now an amazing blogger in my opinion. The way she types really makes the post real fun to read. You'll enjoy reading it. She have the aptitude to blog :)

Yes, I'm talking about you, Peiern.

Unlike me, the way I describe things are real shitty. I should really improvise myself. It's like pasting everything into one post. Making it looked sloppy and all. I really admire dedicated bloggers. Daphne Charice once said in her post "Always admires a blogger's work" (if I didn't get it wrong). Blogging is a work of art. How do you apply your words, how you tell a story, how do you add photos to the sequence. Yeah, all that.

In order for you guys to admire my work, I'll post nicely and more neatly next time :D No more excuses later okay? Wahahha.

Posting a blog post is not easy (actually quite easy sometimes :P). Sometimes takes for hours! OHMY?! REALLY? Yes, really.

So yeah, I'm going to continue blogging til #idontknow when. To all my readers, I really appreciate everyone one of you spending time to open and view and read my posts. Although it ain't that good, I'll try my best to improve it soon enough :) Thanks for the support although my readers are less than 100 :) (Ya, now you guys know how many readers I have. Really little compare to any other blogger out there)

But you know what? Lesser readers meaning lesser exposure of Prisong :D So~! Yeah! I'm keeping it low :P
Okay ya, crapping again...the moment i blog was already exposing myself to the freakin' big enormous world that have weird funny pretty handsome crazy people :O

Meme face HAHAHAHAH. Was looking for victory baby at first, but I can't find any that suites.
So I found this! HAHAH. Actually this looks cute XD I'm not a 9gag, yet. I guess? lol.

SO yeah people, go view and follow my best friend's blog;

Jan 15, 2012

Merentas Desa '12

Soooo..as I mentioned about my school's merentas desa on my past post, I'm gonna tell share about it today.

Other uniform unit were on duty as scouts that day. Kadet Polis with their full stylish uniform on. Oisheh. Seriously ar, I have very less to elaborate about coz I was wandering around the school before the run started.

The part where you write your name down? I don't know what was this for :X Coz for the past two years(form 1 and form 2), I didn't get into the top 150. I guess? lol. I forgot.

My partner of the day; Miss Peiern Lee. Jangggg :D

With our new scout t-shirt! wohoo!

Took a photo, Firdaus. He is our best friend in scout. Been friends since form 1. A real active and funny scout. It has been fun kawad with you for 3 years. Will miss you dude!
(the guy at the right suddenly come in this photo -..-)

Around i don't know what time, the form 1, 2 an 3 girls are at the starting point. 
The red shirt girl, the front row one. SHE CAN RUN. yeahh!!

Before they run, I got to take a chance to snap a photo with my physic teacher. I admire her yeah.

Our headmistress then held on to a horn.

The motors getting in their places.

Get ready

Later on, I went back in school with my partner. Looking at the form 4 and 5, getting ready to run. Then, I decided to see the students run, so, I went to the school's back gate.

Saw these two guys at the back gate there slacking from scouts duty.
VIP seats? lol

SUDDENLY, something genius zap into my mind. I thought of running from the back gate to the front gate which is like 1/4 of the running route. I told peiern, "Come laa, it'll be fun! Exercise weih!". She then followed my genius plan lol. 

We started with a slow jog with T-ara's Lovey Dovey song on. (wanted to shuffle actually)
I then ran faster and faster and faster.
People were like, "WAH so fast want to reach already!"
I told peiern to act like we are almost winning already.
All of a sudden, LCD's sister ran from behind. Now this is only the real winner.
Peiern and I are fake runners haha. That girl is really fast (Y)

I tell you, she ran so fast til she was way ahead of us already. Yeah, peiern and I are such slow runners. But we still try to catch up with her. I told peiern, "Quick Ern! Quickkk!", "Run for our sexy legs!!!". :D

THEN, a surprising yet shocking thing happened. An indian girl fell right in front of Peiern. SHOCKED. There it was, a fainted girl in front of me. Teacher coincidently passed by, she called for help. Where as Peiern and I laid her down on the grass. She is extremely exhausted. I still remember hearing "Nak lari nak lari" with her eyes almost closing. You can see how enthusiastic an athlete is. SOMEHOW, she manage to run away from us and it was fast! We chased after her, she was so fast. Kelian peiern for catching up with me. In the end the pbsm came, and yeah rescue her.

We were so dedicated as a scouts, we left our 2nd and 3rd position to save her. lol. I felt bad for her coz there were just a few more metres til the finish line. Able to reach the finish line is a sign of accomplishment. That feeling of accomplishment is great.

We were so sweaty! Our face went pink.

Another moment; my sister.
I was resting and then suddenly i saw someone familliar. My sister! She ran so fast!! OMG.
At that moment, seeing her run, it made me want to cry.."My sister can run so fast" :')
So touching and proud at that moment. I saw her pass the finish line. She got 56th.
I'm so proud.
My friends were praising her, saying how was her final sprint. 
Her face were all pinkish too. haha.

We both then were back to scout's duty. Picking up rubbish. No no no..i'm gonna use a better word.
Caring for the environment :)

Scout group photo :)

Okay i'm just going to end this post real quick, I'm out of time now.


and Firdaus and Farid..
Good luck at your guys new school.

Thats all bye! 

Jan 13, 2012

Take a big breathe

Opsss. This photo is so not like me. I cam-whored a little just now.

So let's start over again shall we?

#dafuq? LOL. Nahhh I'm kidding. HAHAHAH.

Hellooooo readers!
It's Friday Friday Friday... -Rebecca Black-
What does Friday mean for you guys? Especially the students. It's like "Wheww..FINALLY FRIDAY!". Haha. I bet most of you wanted to rest the whole day and not doing anything. Today I don't feel like doing anything -Bruno Mars- I like Fridays too because it'll be my rest day after 5 days of schooling.

Today I have Biology class. It was my former Mathematics teacher. SHE STRIKES AGAIN. Last year, on the first day of Form 3, she gave us a friendly reminder about "how time is so short and how pmr just around the corner". That time was the first day of school and teacher mentioned PMR already. Today, she said the same just that now is SPM instead of PMR. I do agree with teacher that we have to be prepare at the very beginning. But I can't study 24 hours in a day. I will study and online lesser (maybe). I'm not those diligent and bookworm type :O Teacher's advice is correct but still I like to have fun.. Even so, I know how to divide my time, for studies and for leisure :)


Actually, I wanna share bits and pieces about my daily routine since school started. Holidays routine are really lifeless. Facebook everyday.

Come back to school around 12.40pm today. Mom came to fetch me! :)
Pei Ern and I was betting to see who's parents came to school first. At last she won.. Congrats, claim your 5sen from me tomorrow lol.

As I arrive home, I play with Apple. Cam-whored with her :P

Later on, showered.

Had lunch.
Today's lunch: Home-cooked Porridge with Eggs and Vegetables.
Eggs cooked with 九菜.(jiu cai) Dad's favourite and mine too.

After that, I'll do my homework.
BM's homework. What you see is only a pendahuluan :O It looks like Form 3's ringkasan right?

After lunch today, chit chatted with my dad and mom. Dad played the guitar to Apple. Apple actually danced! A baby's dance la of course haha.
I then, practiced my guitar. I abandon my guitar for long enough ergh. I'm choosing wheather to learn;
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
李圣杰 - 最近
周杰伦 -彩虹 (Jay Chou - Rainbow)

At night, I'll spend some time online and continue doing my homework.
My homework is never ending. Whenever I finish some, teacher will add more.
Yesterday night I thought I finally finish all of my homeworks for the first time BUT..
I forgot that I have two essays waiting for me!

Today's epic moment: Voonwei shuffling in physic lab! Hahahha (Y)

I think LOLY are up to a big project and it relates shuffling. I can't wait!

Jan 11, 2012

Random Cake :3

Good afternoon peeps!
I just had lunch. Potato chicken. My favourite! *burp* :D I've been real boring nowadays, aren't I?
My stats went so low. Adui. My blogging skills suck. At school today I feel real ashamed because most of my classmates writes a real good essay. No matter in English or BM. My BM really is... :(
How am I going to survive SPM?

I'll let time to improve myself. It's only January. I just started form 4. 
Let me get use to things in form 4 then I'll be fine.
Actually now I'm quite to use to it. Having a lot of homeworks. Having presentations.
Alah bisa tegal biasa. Hahaha.

Oh yeah, this Saturday is my school's Merentas Desa.
I want to be on duty for scouts, no need to run HAHAHHA.
I'll just cheer for them like a boss, "LARI LARI! CEPAT". Yeah *evil smile*

That's all for today, bye guys.

Jan 10, 2012

Random Cows :3

Ain't cows cute? LOL.
Can't believe I'm back here in front of my computer, blogging. And yes, I kept my promise..I post a random cow photo! HAHAHA. No others photo yo..

Why can I blog now? Because....
I finish my homeworks!! WOHOO
How diligent :D hahaha. Well, actually I finish partially :P
I'll continue to do the rest after this. I actually let my evening nap go due to my homeworks.
Really can't believe I did that. I rarely finish my homework during form 3. I'm a real slacker.
But this year, I won't be a slacker. I'm trying to be as diligent as I can because among my friends, I'm quite weak. Just say that I'm not that clever.

Oh ya btw, today my PJ teacher asked us about emotions. She asked;
Do you guys, teenagers, have any worries? Perhaps studies or..?
I told Pei Ern, "PIMPLES!". She then added, "Body shape!!!". HAHAHA.
Girls, you just gotta admit that we all care of our outlooks. 爱美you know? ;D HAHA

That's all. Tata.

Busy with homeworks

Just reached home from school and now I'm here to blog. Woahh :O lol

My baby sister just woke up.. Aww :) SO CUTE.
Once she is awake, she'll walk out of her room with her thumb in her mouth and her favourite bolster in her left hand :)

Yeah, I've been real busy lately. Due to homeworks! I have 7 homeworks on my list now. The homeworks keep my busy, which is actually a good thing, for me. During the holidays, I was like so lifeless and all. At least now I have homeworks to keep me occupied. A target. Enable to finish all my homeworks is my target lol.

If not right, I'll facebook and watch tv for the whole day. So lifeless! Ergh. I dislike myself doing that.

Kay, I'll stop right here. The food infront of me is seducing me lol.

PS: No photos for you guys haha. It'll be a plain posts from now on. Opss.. Wait few days more la.. Maybe got photos to keep this blog lively.

Jan 8, 2012


I've added a freakin' easy-to-comment comment box!

Now comments are way easier!

What do you guys think about pau?

This is a vegetable pau.

Hmm..what do I think about pau? First thing, FLUFFY. Second CUTE. LOL.
What do you guys think? Tell me what sort of pau do you guys like best :)

Leave a comment! HAHA
*I'm being bored..paiseh :P

Jan 6, 2012

I'm up for the challenge.

Hi guys!

First week of school just ended. Just three days of schooling and yet, I could feel the stress :X (WHATTT)
I can tell you that taking pure science is a BIG CHALLENGE. Well for me, it is. I kinda hesitated to take pure science at first. I took many considerations. I think about this almost the whole day at school. Wondering if I've made the right choice. In the end, I took a big breathe and made up my mind.

I am going to challenge myself.


Choosing pure science is like my biggest challenge ever in my life (so far). Although PMR was hard, PMR is still like climbing up Gunung Tahan. Where as pure science is like Gunung Kinabalu (I wanted to say Mount Everest thou..but I think working life is the hardest...so I'm gonna keep it first hehe).

Today, I got a bit info of what's Bahasa Melayu was like. My eyes got cockoo when I flip through SPM 2010. Bahasa's SPM level is way higher than PMR's man! The questions went double! Walaoeh. I really don't know how will I manage to write a few essay in 2hours time. Plus, the essay (karangan umum) need at least 350words..minumum! That is like 3 pages. If you want good marks, you'll have to write 3 1/2 or 4 pages :O
ARGH! I'll be push to the limits.

I'm glad that my seniors that gave me some advice to be prepare for form 4. They all kept wishing my good luck because form 4 ain't easy. Thank you :)

A friendly reminder to all form 4 year 2012:
(Does that reminds you of your teacher? I'm not sure if your guy's teacher said that but all of the teachers here said that to me every time)

All the best guys! ;)

Jan 3, 2012

New Year day off!

It's the 3rd of January already! 20 more days til CHINESE NEW YEAR! WOOOOOW!

YES, this year's chinese new year falls on my birthday! Yipeee! So special HAHHA. lol.

Soooo, since it was new year, we have a two day off right? My family and I went for a one day trip :)
Venue? KUALA SELANGOR! Janggg :D

Once arrived, straight go cari makan. wah.

Here comes the food! ORDER UP :D

This is my favourite!
A type of fish. Real nice. Idk what is it called already :/

Mom's favourite, clam.

Something bout crabs, crab meat are real tasty BUT getting the meat is HARD.
Digging for the meat is fun? But troubling? Did I just made it sound disgusting? ops..

The other seafood that is available there. Their 'lala' (second photo), is real big!! The oysters, EVEN BIGGER. WALAOEH.

After that heavy lunch, we're off to the streets to go for a walk and sight-seeing around the town.

Most of the shops there sells keropok. Almost EVERY shop sells keropok. It's a must buy ;D

Fresh oven-baked siu pau!!! DROOLSSS. GORGEOUS.

One thing you can find in the town is the fish monger. You can a few fish mongers there.
Fresh seafood awaits! :)

A fisherman's boat.
OKAY, behold, there'll be a lot of monkeys after this line!


My sister got so excited when she fed the monkey. Just look at her face. lol

You know what? This girl ar(my sister). I asked her to take a photo of me when I feed the monkeys (something like this photo)
And yet....

she took...

this photo..

look below..

WTH. lol. She took my freaking hand only. AIYAAAAA. PHAILED -..-
This could be anybody's hand. omg. Essie -,-
That's why I mentioned that I take better photographs than her. Aiyoh.

Oh ya, before we went to see the monkeys,
we had some refreshments ;)

KELAPA WANGI (fragrant coconut). RM2.00 one.
Located in front of Pasir Penambang's pasar(market).

Btw, did I mention that those seafood products are real tasty and famous?

'Fu chok'. (see the uncle face lol)

Fish balls. Machine made or hand made? I don't know :O

Before going back home, passed by.....

An old Pos Malaysia. Rarely can see this already. Learn to treasure it, dear Malaysians.


PS: School just started today. I've got homeworks to do :O Got to go! Till next time ;)