Dec 29, 2011


After PMR ended :D

Hello almighty readers.
Hmm, when was my last post? Feels like I haven't been blogging for months :O
Just few days only haha. I'm so bored. That's why I came to blog.
Seems like I've been losing a lot of readers due to my lame posts.
My posts are lame is it? Ergh. I'm improving myself. Bare with me kay?

These few days I've been quite busy.
Busy with GUITAR. YEAH MAN. I'm really boosted with guitar energy. I can feel the heat in my vein! LOL. Yeah, learning the basic and all.

To any beginner who is eager to learn guitar like me;
go search martyzsong.
He is really good.
trust me.

Currently learning two songs.
Learning Happy Birthday hahahaha.
Maybe I can play for the new year girl? :3
Yeah you, lim voon wei HAHA.