Dec 11, 2011

How to make soy milk :)

Good afternoon everyone.
This morning, I made soya milk again! This time I'm gonna share about it. For those who don't know how to make, continue reading. Those who already know how to make and knows a better way of doing it..share it to me :D

So, let's start!

First of beans.

I bought one kg of soy beans.

You will need to soak overnight first. Soak the beans for one night.
And in the next morning, you can start making already.

Then, get any blender/mixer and blend the soy beans.
Set the ration of soy beans to water at 1:3.
*a good blender will work better

Later, use a sieve. Separate the juice from the bean (idk if im saying it right). Just separate it lah :X

You will get this;
the left over.
You'll get lots of this leftover. You can make something out of it actually. I'll teach you in another post.
That leftover can be filter again to get all the soy milk.

Add some pandan leaves into the soy milk and let it boil. Remember to keep an eye on it!

Serve it with brown sugar or normal sugar. I basically use cane sugar.
Serve hot or cold :)

I'm sorry if I don't give clear instructions >< Coz most of the time I don't really measure.