Dec 17, 2011

A day out with em'

This morning I woke up at 5:55am. Seriously. Wtf. I woke up and then I can't sleep back. Around 9am when everyone is awake, I felt sleepy -.- Haduii.

So yeah about the title. I went out with my friends. Long time no see man. Since when I didn't meet you guys already ar? Lol.


Actually today our plan was to go shopping. We did. Walked into a lot of shops. Tired man. I woke up at 5:55am man. But it was still nice having to shop with my best budds. Kelian someone actually coz when we girls go shopping Wei Guang will be like erm..bored? Sorry la bro. Hehe. But 3 of us pandai 做人 a bit de la :)

Nothing much really. Just had fun shopping with em'. I didn't find anything that I like. When I found things that I like, the price would be like slaughtering my purse. Hmm :/

Okay lah, photos time. Photos with the girls.

Cam-whore cam-whore.

Yeah the three of us. Yee mana you pergi? Come back to KL la! *puppy eyes*

PS: I tried to camwhore with them but my height ain't letting. When I stand next to my friends, I feel short.
Then suddenly Peiern said "矮沒有罪的". Awww :') Gracias.

Curious bout my height? Wait I go and measure first la! Maybe I grew taller already leh? :P

Nah la, few more photos. This are my not-so-tall photos.

You know, my friend was wearing a 5inch or 3inch high heels. Make me look way shorter -.-

Okay ini still acceptable coz i'm cute here LOL. Like a bossssss

PS PS: I think I found my style in photographyyy!! YAHOO.
PS PS PS: Voonwei hair cut sho cute :DDD She will kill me after seeing this XD