Dec 25, 2011

Confess #2

最近都睡很迟. 因为在家乡不觉得迟. 什么意思哦?
Erm...meaning I always don't feel the lateness at here.

下午时, 去town走走. 去到火车站那边 YEAH. 有机会尝试photography.

My sista
Temporary update until this first.
I'm tired now. Tomorrow still need to visit my granny's graveyard.
I'm watching [Will You Merry Me?].

This guy walked by with his monkey. I randomly took it. Poor quality :/

Monkey coming towards me :O

I have a confession.
My sister and I always help each other to take photos.
So in the photos, IF you noticed..
I take better photographs. While she pose better.
Okay done! That's the only confession I'm making haha.
I'm so not gonna post my photo that she photograph me.
My posture is SOOO wrong -,-

I think I should photograph people more.