Dec 20, 2011

Christmas is near but PMR result is nearer! :O

I'm so sorry la Dex. I'm sorry that I once again remind you about PMR.

Okay I'm gonna share bout Christmas first. Again. Hmm, today went out to shop for presents again. I finally bought it.

One more thing. Good news Chatimers! Chatime is now available in The Curve! For the win! Wohoo :D

Treated mom and Est Chatime.

<<< Rewind >>>

We arrived at The Curve around 11am. Straight away went to IKEA for brunch.

I ALWAYS see IKEA packed with people. [Take note!] To avoid having an eagle eye for every seat,
go early! So you'll have seats.
In the morning. Don't even try to go during lunch hour. It'll be freakingly packed!

Fish and chips.

Next, Toy R' Us! Did I spell it right?

Apple met Barney! HAHAHA. She held it so tight.
"I love you Barney", said Apple. lol.

This lobster is sooo cute la. So do Essie :)

This lobster ain't tame! "I'll chop all your hair off ERGHH", yelled the cute lobster.

Left: A fox. GUMIHO! :D Right: Barney the children liar ;P BOO

I like fox recently. Due to that drama huhu! My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho :)

Okay I'm gonna post bout PMR in another post.