Dec 16, 2011

The awesome Skype

This morning I watch The Oprah Winfrey Show. I know that Oprah's tv show has already ended. But it stills airs on tv. I love her show so much.

For your information this episode was aired on May 21st, 2009.

The episode that I watch was about Skype. THE SO AWESOME SKYPE. I didn't how awesome it was til I watch Oprah today. I often use Skype to video call or voice call my friends because sometimes using a phone to call is quite pricey. So I rather use Skype.

Where the Skype are you?
What an awesome sentence(for me).

So yeah about Skype.
I didn't know you could Skype above how many thousand feet above!
I didn't know you could Skype in Antarctica in such cold weather!
I didn't know you could Skype underwater!
WTF (Y).

A teacher teaches her student flute lesson who lives 6000 miles away via Skype.
A physiotherapist talks to his patient via Skype.
What else? Walaoeh.

With Skype, I get to connect with my friends.
I get to video call them during the holidays.
Like my friend Yee, she is in Perak. I can't meet her til PMR results so to kill my misses
I video call her :) Hehe.
Without Skype I may not see Peiern's hair tied up like a sho po lol XD
Without Skype I can't chat with Voonwei. Nah, joking. I still can chat and call her de :P
Without Skype I may not be able to  hear him strum the guitar.
Canon Rock and Cryin (Y) Best gile!

Fyi: I use Skype very long already la. Don't think that I'm that outdated ok? Haiyoh. I'm just sharing some awesomeness of Skype.