Dec 2, 2011

Pitbull Concert

Aloha babies :D lol
How was your first day of December? I saw many of my friends posting status like "Be good to me December", "Treat me better than November, okay?", "It's the last month of 2011!" and etc in Facebook.

So let me share my 1st of December ;) It was no ordinary day haha. I went to Pitbull's Concert. Wohoooo! Wanna thanks PiPi for the tickets :)

Date: 01/12/2011
Venue: Surf Beach@Sunway Lagoon
Event: Pitbull Concert
Time: 8pm

Popeye's chicken.
First, we went to Popeye's for lunch. We actually use a coin to decide where to eat. Because we can't make up our mind. It was between Wendy's and Popeye's. Tough fight man!! Both delicious fast food restaurants. That's why we couldn't make up our minds :)

Next, we went to Starbucks to get some drinks, hoho! All of use ordered vendi size. But that lady gave me grande size :( Aiya.

Christmas special. Cranberry something something lol. I forgot :P

Oh ya since we arrived early at Sunway Pyramid, why not catch a movie instead?
I wanted to watch You're The Apple Of My Eye! BUT it's not in the cinemas anymore :( SAD LA. Nevermind, Huamin gonna buy the disc HAHAHA can pinjam, YEAH.
Since that movie wasn't available, I told them "Breaking Dawn". The boys went all "NOOOOO" and they suggested Petaling Street Warriors. Coincidently, it started screening on 1st December! (Y) 

This movie was hillariouuuuuusssss! Namewee, i give you two thumbs up :D He was so cute in the movie. It is really a nice movie to watch. You can't imagine what would happen next which makes it two times nicer. I highly recommend this movie to you readers. I'm just suggesting. Different people have different side of views. But I gotta tell ya, everyone in the hall laugh like there's no tomorrow. Teehee ^ ^

Sorry poor quality, I zoomed my camera. Around 6.45pm we walked to Sunway Lagoon to prepare for the concert. At 7pm, we were inside already. We got quite nice standing area in the Party Zone. Quite near from the stage than I expected. When we arrived, the DJ was there already. The songs were (Y). By then, I started to move my body already.

The DJ!

Oh ya, here's the ticket. Thank you again PiPi :)

Let me continue my story, the DJ was playing some songs. We were all dancing. Around 7.30pm, it started to drizzle! Then I was like "Er..okay la..drizzle only ma". Then it was getting heavier and heavier. Around 7.45pm, the DJ stop already and went off stage. The rain was really heavy. We were all wet. And I was like "OMG, I've never done such crazy things like this before. Soaking wet by the rain, waiting for Pitbull".

Waited for 1 hour, which is already 8.30pm. A guy came out and make an announcement. He told us to get shade to avoid the rain. Omg, I can't believe this is happening. So we all ran to get shelter. I was thinking "We are already soaking wet! Even my thick jeans are fully wet. And you ask to get shelter? We are wet already la bro. Shitto". So we got shelter. Squeezed water from my shoes.

Delayed til 9.30pm. The rain wasn't that heavy anymore. So we went back to the Party Zone. At 10pm, Mizz Nina came out. Party to some of her songs. Later she went off stage and a DJ introduced himself. He is going to be Pitbull's DJ for the night. Around I don't know what time, Pitbull finally came out. Everyone was like YEAHHHHHH! Before this a lady behind me said "Where the fuck are you Pitbull?". Everyone stared at her and she said "Why are you all staring at me? *smiles". HAHA lol.

I party like an 18 year old. Dance, jump, putting my hands up in the air. It was really fun!
Despite all the rain and all, Pitbull really made my day :) I get to experience a bit of clubbing that night. Yeah ^ ^