Dec 29, 2011


After PMR ended :D

Hello almighty readers.
Hmm, when was my last post? Feels like I haven't been blogging for months :O
Just few days only haha. I'm so bored. That's why I came to blog.
Seems like I've been losing a lot of readers due to my lame posts.
My posts are lame is it? Ergh. I'm improving myself. Bare with me kay?

These few days I've been quite busy.
Busy with GUITAR. YEAH MAN. I'm really boosted with guitar energy. I can feel the heat in my vein! LOL. Yeah, learning the basic and all.

To any beginner who is eager to learn guitar like me;
go search martyzsong.
He is really good.
trust me.

Currently learning two songs.
Learning Happy Birthday hahahaha.
Maybe I can play for the new year girl? :3
Yeah you, lim voon wei HAHA.

Dec 25, 2011

Confess #2

最近都睡很迟. 因为在家乡不觉得迟. 什么意思哦?
Erm...meaning I always don't feel the lateness at here.

下午时, 去town走走. 去到火车站那边 YEAH. 有机会尝试photography.

My sista
Temporary update until this first.
I'm tired now. Tomorrow still need to visit my granny's graveyard.
I'm watching [Will You Merry Me?].

This guy walked by with his monkey. I randomly took it. Poor quality :/

Monkey coming towards me :O

I have a confession.
My sister and I always help each other to take photos.
So in the photos, IF you noticed..
I take better photographs. While she pose better.
Okay done! That's the only confession I'm making haha.
I'm so not gonna post my photo that she photograph me.
My posture is SOOO wrong -,-

I think I should photograph people more.

吉他 ♥

等下等下! lol. Before我讲关于【吉他 ♥】这个title, 我想share一个照片! Nahhhhhh..!

好多东西吃哦! 刚才我一进去厨房, 吓了我一跳. 将多食物, walaoeh.

Okay, 流口水了嘛? hahahah :P 我很无聊, paiseh.

【吉他! ♥】
昨天找到我啊姨的吉他. 开心到~ 终于可以试一试弹吉他 :)

昨晚听爸爸弹 :)
男生弹吉他 很有美丽 呵呵. Example; Sungha Jung! (Y)

我的朋友 见过Sungha Jung. 还跟他拍照叻!

Dex the troller.

我学到手痛. 真的很想学好吉他. 很想成功的弹一首歌at least.

加油加油! :D

为了弹吉他我剪了我很长很长的指甲 yeah.

Why this hands looks like it can kill people de? -,-


It's Christmas morning! :)

How did everyone slept last night? Awesome? I bet most of you went for Christmas countdown. did I spend my Christmas? I stayed home to celebrate with my family. I had a really scrumptious Christmas dinner. We chit-chatted. Family moments :)
One reason I didn't went out too was due to The X-Factor HAHAHHA.

It was the grand finale babe! Mana boleh tak tengok? Huiyo.

Special performances by Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber, Leona Lewis, Pitbull, Ne-yo and 50cent.

Two thumbs up!!

Click it to view the videos.

Okay, let me share my christmas tree. Don't laugh.
Seriously, don't laugh
It's not pretty. Nor awesome.

I told ya. BUT...
still, it's decorated by my grandpa.

Grandpa so cute lorh. Decorated until like this haha.

Merry Christmas! I'm gonna have lunch with my big big family :D

Dec 23, 2011

30 A's together

Yeah girls, I can join you guys for Anugerah Cemerlang 2012!

At LAST, I finally got a chance to join it with you guys :)

Will update soon. But somehow I feel real lazy coz I didn't use my camera to shoot :/

Dec 22, 2011


PS: 姐妹們 我沒中到很嚴重的毒 :)

PMR Results

Updating soon. If i'm diligent enough :P

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Dec 21, 2011


Everday I see the days getting lesser and lesser. AND NOW, it finally reached 1 day left.


I can't wait. This all I've waited for. Seeing how far I've gotten to.


Dec 20, 2011

Christmas is near but PMR result is nearer! :O

I'm so sorry la Dex. I'm sorry that I once again remind you about PMR.

Okay I'm gonna share bout Christmas first. Again. Hmm, today went out to shop for presents again. I finally bought it.

One more thing. Good news Chatimers! Chatime is now available in The Curve! For the win! Wohoo :D

Treated mom and Est Chatime.

<<< Rewind >>>

We arrived at The Curve around 11am. Straight away went to IKEA for brunch.

I ALWAYS see IKEA packed with people. [Take note!] To avoid having an eagle eye for every seat,
go early! So you'll have seats.
In the morning. Don't even try to go during lunch hour. It'll be freakingly packed!

Fish and chips.

Next, Toy R' Us! Did I spell it right?

Apple met Barney! HAHAHA. She held it so tight.
"I love you Barney", said Apple. lol.

This lobster is sooo cute la. So do Essie :)

This lobster ain't tame! "I'll chop all your hair off ERGHH", yelled the cute lobster.

Left: A fox. GUMIHO! :D Right: Barney the children liar ;P BOO

I like fox recently. Due to that drama huhu! My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho :)

Okay I'm gonna post bout PMR in another post.

Dec 19, 2011

Christmas is near

Yesterday night my family went out to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

I thought of finding a Christmas present for my friend. This year I'll be exchanging gifts with my friend.
But I still can't find anything that suites.

My sister :)
You're real pretty for me Est. Prettier than me la. Although sometimes we fight, we pisses each other.
But you are still my sister. You care for me, I care for you.
You love me, I love you. LOL sometimes :P.
Okay, off to watch My Girlfriend is A Gumiho with her beside annoying Apple lol.

Lee Sung Gi :D

Dec 17, 2011

A day out with em'

This morning I woke up at 5:55am. Seriously. Wtf. I woke up and then I can't sleep back. Around 9am when everyone is awake, I felt sleepy -.- Haduii.

So yeah about the title. I went out with my friends. Long time no see man. Since when I didn't meet you guys already ar? Lol.


Actually today our plan was to go shopping. We did. Walked into a lot of shops. Tired man. I woke up at 5:55am man. But it was still nice having to shop with my best budds. Kelian someone actually coz when we girls go shopping Wei Guang will be like erm..bored? Sorry la bro. Hehe. But 3 of us pandai 做人 a bit de la :)

Nothing much really. Just had fun shopping with em'. I didn't find anything that I like. When I found things that I like, the price would be like slaughtering my purse. Hmm :/

Okay lah, photos time. Photos with the girls.

Cam-whore cam-whore.

Yeah the three of us. Yee mana you pergi? Come back to KL la! *puppy eyes*

PS: I tried to camwhore with them but my height ain't letting. When I stand next to my friends, I feel short.
Then suddenly Peiern said "矮沒有罪的". Awww :') Gracias.

Curious bout my height? Wait I go and measure first la! Maybe I grew taller already leh? :P

Nah la, few more photos. This are my not-so-tall photos.

You know, my friend was wearing a 5inch or 3inch high heels. Make me look way shorter -.-

Okay ini still acceptable coz i'm cute here LOL. Like a bossssss

PS PS: I think I found my style in photographyyy!! YAHOO.
PS PS PS: Voonwei hair cut sho cute :DDD She will kill me after seeing this XD

Dec 16, 2011

Tea Time @ Coffee Famille

Today I get to went out for tea time with mom and Apple ! :)
Since Esther wasn't around and daddy was busy. Only the three of us went.

I was quite surprise with this place actually. Once I reached in front of this cafe, I was quite shocked. Coz it's so cute! *No photos :(





NAHHH! Kidding. LOL. I love to play with my post recently, by talking to myself wtf. SO LUCKY TO BRING MY CAMERA this afternoon :) Sometimes using hand phone is more convenient but the quality ain't there.

Jang jang! What's this?A hat?! Nope, it's a cake. Not just any cake. CHEESECAKE *screamsss*

I forgot what coffee was this call. Since it was ordered by my mom.

Don't you just love coffee art? Well, I do.

I made myself a home. I refill my water ! lol

Home-made garlic bread. Yum! The bread is real nice.

She get to eat too. Home-cooked porridge by mom ;)
notice her new hair cut? you didn't? never mind la -.-

Coffee coffee coffee. Okay lazy to type so many coffee zzz HAHA.

Overall, quite nice. The atmosphere is real nice. Hmm, suites teenagers more in my opinion.

The awesome Skype

This morning I watch The Oprah Winfrey Show. I know that Oprah's tv show has already ended. But it stills airs on tv. I love her show so much.

For your information this episode was aired on May 21st, 2009.

The episode that I watch was about Skype. THE SO AWESOME SKYPE. I didn't how awesome it was til I watch Oprah today. I often use Skype to video call or voice call my friends because sometimes using a phone to call is quite pricey. So I rather use Skype.

Where the Skype are you?
What an awesome sentence(for me).

So yeah about Skype.
I didn't know you could Skype above how many thousand feet above!
I didn't know you could Skype in Antarctica in such cold weather!
I didn't know you could Skype underwater!
WTF (Y).

A teacher teaches her student flute lesson who lives 6000 miles away via Skype.
A physiotherapist talks to his patient via Skype.
What else? Walaoeh.

With Skype, I get to connect with my friends.
I get to video call them during the holidays.
Like my friend Yee, she is in Perak. I can't meet her til PMR results so to kill my misses
I video call her :) Hehe.
Without Skype I may not see Peiern's hair tied up like a sho po lol XD
Without Skype I can't chat with Voonwei. Nah, joking. I still can chat and call her de :P
Without Skype I may not be able to  hear him strum the guitar.
Canon Rock and Cryin (Y) Best gile!

Fyi: I use Skype very long already la. Don't think that I'm that outdated ok? Haiyoh. I'm just sharing some awesomeness of Skype.

Dec 14, 2011

Flashback 2011.10.04 might wonder what happened on the 4th of October 2011.
That date was the first day having my big test, Penilaian Menengah Rendah(PMR).
On that very first day, I don't feel the nervousness actually.

Before my big test, a month ago was my lil sister's big test which is UPSR. Almost every morning I'll wish her good luck and give her a hug or a kiss on the cheek (without her willing to let me kiss her lol).

So on  my first day of PMR, she also wished my good luck. I was really happy having her to say good luck to me and hugging me later :)

Why am I telling you all this? Because I was looking through my albums and I found this photo...

...taken on the 4th of October :)

Love ya sis.

Dec 12, 2011

What I had for breakfast

Home cook hokkien mee by dad.
The local here(Mentakab) sells hand made noodle which is really good.

I Went to Temerloh

How did everyone slept? I woke up feeling tired actually :/ ergh.
I wanna eat breakfast but there's no food on the table yet. I'm waiting for my parents to come back from Mentakab's pasar. The nasi lemak here is really good.

Okay about the post title I Went to Temerloh. Yesterday my dad decide to go to Temerloh. I took this chance to get some nice photos. Did you know Sg.Pahang is the second longest river in Malaysia? I bet you guys knew coz you all study geography waddd..

the river is not tame.

Kay that's all. Continue watching antm :D