Nov 20, 2011

Yum Cha :)

Date: 19112011
Venue: Station One, Dataran Sunway

Wohoo! I'm so happy that I get to go yum cha with my friends again! :D In fact, this time we went to yum cha during night time (Y) Well, fyi..I rarely go out at night (with friends). Family of course laahhh.

Huhu, Imma so happy mann.. Luckily they asked me out :)

Oh man I can't believe this is happening !
Okay let me explain a little about my caption above.
The drinks you see above have different heights right?
And apparently, the heights of the cups somehow represents our heights in person!
So do you get what I mean?
Okay, let me tell you the heights among my friends.
The tallest among us is Wei Guang. Next, Peiern. 3rd, Voonwei. And the last, ME.
So, from the photo above, the first cup (the red one), belongs to Wei Guang. 2nd cup, Peiern. 3rd, the red bean one is Voonwei's. Last, the white coffee belongs to me.

Do you guys understand now?
Yeah, conclusion: I'm the shortest -,-

Voonwei's supper
The kaki's :)

I love to go yum cha, I bet you guys do too :P

Ending this post with a very cute photo of my friend, when he was still a young boy..
Blurishh! ><