Nov 9, 2011

Yee Jia Xin's Birthday Celebration

Date: 07/11/2011
Venue: One Utama

First of all, I want to wish my friend, Yee Jia Xin, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Since it's already a day after your birthday :P

We all went to Waffle World while waiting for Chungjie to arrive...

Mine is the above one. Bottom is Peiern's one. 
I didn't manage to take the birthday girl's food because I went out to find Mr.Chungjie -,- I missed a shot :(
Anyways, later we all took some photos in Waffle World! We're using Yan's Xperia apps. Action Snap (Y).

I notice Peiern loves to box people! HAHAHA.
Next stop?!
With birthday girl!! :)
With Peiern and Chungjie.
My face looks the same in every picture. No versatility /.\

We went for a photo shooting? Kinda like one? Ok fine, we went to take portraits laaa..

The 'photo shoot' doesn't ends here!

OMG, this post seems so incomplete! Haiyah! I'm so sorry la readers :/

Okay lah, that's all for this post!

Btw, SPM is in 4 days! GOOD LUCK!!!

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