Nov 6, 2011

Yee Jia Xin's 15th!

Dear Yee Jia Xin,
I would like to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY again! HAHA. I know I've said it many times already but I will said it again :P

You know that I will always be 'night' and you'll be the 'day' right? HAHA.

You know how much I love you right? You know we've been through a lot together too. You know that all those stuff that we've been through will be a history in our memories. Sweet and bitter, it will all be there. But never mind, I will always try my best to be by your side when you need me. A shoulder and a pair of ears are ready here for the cute Yan Yan :)

Remember the Petronas trip? We all just love taking photos!! HAHA. I really love to take photo with you because we will go crazy!

Sometimes you're just too manly which make me look so lady-like. LOL. 
This is call leng zai friend, Yee Jia Xin. Hahahaha. Come on man, spread your leng zai-ness to me too. I want to be handsome :D

Knowing that you're as hyper and crazy like me makes my world much more brighter and fun. A friend that dare to do anything is always nice :) Having you in my life really is awesome!

Woah, now we look quite alike?!
I remember during form 1. People that saw you thought that you were me. People saw me would thought that I'm you. Woahh....we are twins meh? NO LAA. We are the best of friends :)

Lastly, I hope you'll get straight A's for PMR. And hope I get 7A's too. LOL.
I will be eagerly waiting for our PMR celebration :) Sushi sushi sushi!
And I love you ♥
Let's make LOLY forever together, shall we? :)

Loves, prisong!

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