Nov 14, 2011

It's Sunday!

Aloha cousins! lol lol, lilo&stitch
I'm back! FINALLY. Did you guys miss me? No? Nah, I don't care. Shoo laaaa..
Ok, I'm back with a post.

Date: 13/11/11
Venue: One Utama
Event: Watch 那些年

The 'girls' came to pick me up around 1130am. After picking me up, we straight away went to our destination: One Utama! On our way there, there is some 'problems' haha that made our driver, Wei Guang he U-U-U turn in order to go One Utama :)

At first we planned to watch 那些年, BUT there was only 5 places left. That 5 seats are far apart too. So it's cancel :(
So we straight away decide to go for lunch first. We wouldn't want our stomachs to go grumbling right? :)

Sakae Sushi
Lunch at Sakae Sushi :)
Another sushi! (Y)
Yeah, this is yet another sushi! i'm crazy in my captions
Voon Wei's ramen.

Peiern's donburi.

Wei Guang's donburi
After lunch?


My two pretty best friends :)
My brother, their bestfriend, most off all he is our driver :P
Joking around only la bro, sorry kay? :P Your my good bro :)
Ooi? Where am I and Voon Wei? :O
Okay, bye Sakae Sushi :)
Hello Neway!

Yeap, we went for karaoke :)
They are going to kill me for taking this photo secretly :S
Not much photos taken in Neway because we were all enjoying our time singing.

I notice Peiern is always camera ready :O (Y) HAHA
Group photo ♥

After singing, it's already 5.30pm!!!
30 more minutes to get to Sunway Giza for work :S

So bye bye girls and weiguang :)
I have a smile problem :S

Yeah, much better :)))

LUCKILY I arrive at work at 5.57pm!!
HAHA, thank you so much bro for fetching me on time :P
we were all screaming in the car, well actually me the most
coz i scare i'll be late for work.

I had so much fun with you guys, I'm waiting for the next trip :)

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