Nov 16, 2011

Flash Back 20110701

Just now I was watching Chinese 8e-news. This week there're giving away tickets to 2PM HANDS UP Asia Tour Concert. A lucky caller-through won a pair of tickets worth RM680.

Watching that reminds me what had happened in late June. That time they were giving tickets to catch B2ST 1st Asia Tour Fan Meeting. I was one of the lucky caller through and I won a pair of VIP tickets. To come and think of it, I was really lucky that I was able to see my idols in person. To be there seeing them perform live with thousands of fans together.

I said that I'll post about the concert last time but I failed to. So now, I'm posting it.

Date: 01/07/2011
Venue: Sunway Lagoon, Surf Beach

I won a pair of tickets, so I brought my sister along with me to watch B2ST live since she was starting to like k-pop that time too. We were lucky enough to have our cousin fetching us there. Kamsahamida :) The fan meeting starts at 8.30pm.

Okay, a little story before we reached Sunway Lagoon.

My cousing arrived at our house around 4pm. We dressed up and straight away set off. He started to drive... Until we reached Subang, I just noticed I FORGOT THE TICKETS, WTF?! OMG! I was like SHITTTTT. Luckily my cousin arrived slightly earlier at our house before we set off, so that we can still turn back and get the tickets and reach Sunway Lagoon quite early.

Okay, back to topic :)
Since the fan meeting starts at 8.30pm, we went to Sunway Pyramid to fill our hungry stomach first. We went to Nandos for dinner.

While waiting for the food, my sis and I went to Sunway Lagoon to have a peak of the atmosphere there.

After seeing it and getting extremely excited of what's about to happen at 8.30pm, we force our heavy buttocks back to Nandos.

Yummyyyy :D
After dinner, we told our cousin that we better make a move first coz we wouldn't want to miss it. Although it was only 6.30pm. We ran to Sunway Lagoon like mad women. Okay la, we didn't ran that fast la. AND there's another short story..
we were dumb enough to queue up in the Rock Zone line that was so longggggggggg! Luckily I noticed the VIP line later, so we went to queue there. Now the line is way shorter :) Yay!

At the rock zone line /.\ lol
Around 7.30pm, they finally let us in! Hooray! B2ST here I come! One step closer. We saw many people ran like there's no tomorrow :O Well, my sister and I ran too. HAHA. Just for once we get to be crazy screaming fans :P This was like my first ever concert mann! 

OHH, actually they ran because they want the best place in the rock zone. They are really early (Y)
The red charis are for VVIP. Even more awesome! 
We found our seats and I was really happy with it. It was really very near to the stage. Not as near as the VVIP thou. But I am glad I have nice seats. Now we camwhore a little :P

Then we got a balloon!! YAY!

Around 8.20pm something, B2ST arrived to the back stage.. Everyone was screaming when they passed by with their security guards. Then later, Baki Zainal showed up :D Awesomeee.

Okay at 8.25pm or so..the lights went out..
and then came this!
Doo Joon!

They appeared! OMG!! *screamssssss*

Started with [Special].
Then [Soom]. :D

After 3 songs, the host came out. Damn I envy Owen Yap so much!!
 He was interviewing them. And then he somehow mentioned about birthdays :D It was DooJoon's birthday we're talking. We all sang Happy Birthday in Korean and English. HAHA. 

Then Owen asked them if they know any malay words. Dongwoon was the funniest :)
That's all guys!