Nov 19, 2011

Cocktail Party @ Tapis Rounge

These balloons are my work of art. LOL. Eh no kidding, I did this la wei!
I'm so happy that Guan Yee still remember me. He asked my friends and I to help him for an event. A cocktail party in Tapis Rounge. I've worked there before too with my friends for the opening of Tapis Rounge. The place is awesome!

At night, nice performance from The Kit Kat Club and Adibah Noor and so on... Adibah Noor was the bomb! I went so highh! She sang Poker Face and I was like "WOAHHHH" (Y)

Okay, here are some photos I took.

Wacky workmates! HAHA

Geez everyone look so good here except me. Ya my retarded face? -,-
Ya, blur and poor quality photos, I know -,-
Sorry mannn,,!

That night, the crowd was the best. Some were extremely friendly. Some didn't talk much. But overall was fine. At least I didn't get scold :P In fact, I got some tips for serving them :D Teehee.. There were some problems that night, but luckily we handle it well. Voonwei, Peiern and I went back at 11pm. The others still work the night away.

It was a nice night indeed although quite tired, I get a priceless life experience :)