Oct 14, 2011


Today my friends and I went to Sunway Giza! Why? Because my friend, Voonwei, called me last night and said that she was eager to work! Haha, she's so cute :) So yeah, since I wanted to look for a part time job too, we went to look together. Chungjie joined us too. We went to different type of shops. Apparently, I found out that many shops are hiring too! Wahaha, so we had fun exploring while looking for jobs :)

In the end, Voonwei and Chungjie will be working together while I'll be working alone in another restaurant. I have a good feeling with my work place *fingers crossed!* :) 
Feel free to look for me in any restaurants there! Coz I maybe serving you there! Haha :)


Geez, I notice I really like to do this mouth shape last time. There isn't much difference from my present photo right? Still the same old look. HAHA.