Oct 7, 2011

Small break.

The camera focused on him -..- lol

You know I used to be so envious with all of my friends because they always go back through the front gate together. Where as I, I'm the only one going back through the back gate. I felt very lonely for the past few years. Even in primary school. That's why last year, I always went to the front gate to hang out first before I walk back home.

Luckily this year, I have these two babies to accompany me. One is the-oh-so-polite, Karwei. Then comes other kaki to join us, that is Chungjie. Walking back home this year ain't that dull any more. Sometimes Dex joins us too :) Which makes the environment around us so cute, somehow.

Ahh, my walking-home-mates! :D
Walking back home have been much more fun and excitable for me since then :)