Oct 10, 2011

PMR's 4th Day / Last day of PMR !

Hello people!
PMR is officially over for ME! Yeah!  
But not everyone's PMR is over :O My friends and anybody else who are taking Chinese, Arab and Tamil, GOOD LUCK! :)

PMR, I sincerely love you.

Big kisses to PMR! Because I know that PMR treats me way better than SPM. Today was superbly awesome! It marks the last day of PMR. Lots of things to fulfill. Lots of fun to be capture. Lots of photos to be taken. Lots of catching up to do for scouts. Hehe.

Today's paper: Maths 1, Maths 2, KH.

Maths can be said as very easy? I'm not bragging but really it's quite easy. If you do those past year questions, all of it are really easy too. My teacher always says that "PMR kacang sahaje". Haha.

For KH on the other hand, hard like shell! My head was spinning when I'm doing the paper -..- So confusing. And I was like giving up already. By that time my head was saying "Haiz, nevermind la 6A 1B.", after a few minutes, "Omg, this is damn hard. I think I'll get a C!", then later "I don't want a C :( I better focus now!". In the end, I'm quite happy with my answers :)

♬~ Everyday I'm shuffling ! xD