Oct 6, 2011

PMR's 3rd Day!

Today's paper: SN 1, SN 2, Sejarah

I revised my Science a lot of times yesterday. But still I hit the sack before 11pm. I got frazzled :( I took as much sleep as I could (advise from Jenna).

Luckily Science wasn't that hard. But still, my science is getting poorer and poorer :(

NEXT! Sejarah.

Since I spent almost all of my time studying and worrying for my science, I neglected my beloved Sejarah :( And ended up? I got so nervous and scared when the I answered it. I got so sleepy too during exam. Sigh.

Oh well, at least all the fearsome subjects are over! HAHAHA! I can partyyyyy! YEAH! Still left Maths and KH. Nevermind, got 3 days to study kh.
Till then, have a good sleep my fellow PMR candidates :D