Oct 4, 2011

PMR's 1st Day

Today's paper: BM 1, BM 2, Agama Islam

By eight o'clock we were at our places, ready for the first paper.
The first paper was BM paper 1.
8.10am - 9.10am.
The most torturous hour in my life.
For me, the paper was hard. Shucks -,-

Then comes paper 2.
Ringkasan and pemahaman umum was quite okay.
Then Karangan berpandu. My weakest link. So I'm not that confident.
Karangan umum. Questions was easy and simple.
I got the idea to write but then my sentences was like shiit -,-
Adui, how la my bm..

I lost confident. But I'm so glad today's exam is over.

Aiming for geography tomorrow.

Wish me luck peeps!