Oct 10, 2011

LOLY's 1st Anniversary!

10.10.2010 It's our first anniversary babeh!

Time flies~ Wohoo. It's already 3 years being friends. But it's the first LOLY anniversary. 
And time brought the four of us together.

~During form 1, we're normal friends.
~Form 2, we got closer ( we even gave special names to each other).
such as kopi O, 1 o'clock, and even animal names like Hippo.
~Form 3, our relationship bloomed to a big gorgeous flower!

You know, girls, I really like the time we are spending, were spending and going to spend together :)
I truly hope that you will be my friends for life.

I love you LOLY!
I know you love me too :P

xoxo, prisong.