Oct 31, 2011

Living it in school

Hey yo, I'm back with a new post.

Today I went to school. So many form 3 students didn't come to school! Only quarter of it came? :O
Well, because PMR is over so most of them didn't come to school. You all should go to school laa, don't you feel bored staying at home, facing your television or computer? Or perhaps sleeping in your bed for days? :S
At least when I go to school, I can hang around with my friends and socialize with them in person.

Jia Xin, my partner whole day :)
Once arrived, I was so eager to meet up with her. It has been 2 weeks since I see her! Damn I missed her. Okay by the way, let me explain a bit about the photo above.

  • Right: She managed to guess 4 cards out of a deck of cards correctly. The way you play it is by just guessing what card is it without looking at it :) Haha, lame game but yet very fun at the same time.
  • Left: We were looking through the Prinsip Perakaunan for a little exposure towards this subject.

Goofing around is a way to enjoy life!
OH YA! I ALMOST FORGOT SOMETHING. Today, was really a miserable day! I copied all 36 nilai moral with the definition and kata kunci! My hand hurt like what the hell. On top of that, we even need to memorize at least 12 nilai! ZOMG. I am in misery..
We thought of skipping class after recess ends but then Jia Xin and I chose not to. We eventually walk into misery by ourselves! How good was us? Even I can't believe I just did that this morning.
I felt so accomplish this morning ^ ^

With Aidy Nazim.
He is really good in holding the camera at the right position. You know what he said once this photo was taken? "Okay, I look cute". LOL. He is a hilarious and talented guy. I always hear him singing haha :) Keep it up Aidy!

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