Oct 20, 2011

3 Days off! (2)

I'm back with more food to recommend!

Still blogging bout Ipoh! :D

Okay, this stall down here is really famous with its tau fu fa and soy products. And this stall even appeared on Ho Chak! once :D After so long eating tau fu fa and drinking soya beans there, it finally appeared on tv! *Applause

Special recipe man!
Guess what? When we arrived, we saw so many people with big gigantic dslr. I thought what happened :O Lastly, I found out that they are reporters from a magazine. They even interviewed the boss there. The boss was so busy answering their question and serving tau fu fa. They even took a photo of my family! LOL. Mom got so excited and said we may appear in the magazine HAHA.

Right hand side of the photo is the boss there. So busy!
Tau fu fa promoter #1

Tau fu fa promoter #2 
I'm so sorry I didn't get the chance to take the photo of the tau fu fa by itself. Once we get the bowl of tau fu fa, in just 1 minute...it would be finish. I gotta say this is by far the best tau fu fa I've ever tasted. It's superbly smooth. On top of that, it only cost RM 0.90! Is it cheap or is it cheap? :D

Okay so that's all for today, keep viewing my blog these few days
coz more food is coming to your way!!