Oct 31, 2011

Living it in school

Hey yo, I'm back with a new post.

Today I went to school. So many form 3 students didn't come to school! Only quarter of it came? :O
Well, because PMR is over so most of them didn't come to school. You all should go to school laa, don't you feel bored staying at home, facing your television or computer? Or perhaps sleeping in your bed for days? :S
At least when I go to school, I can hang around with my friends and socialize with them in person.

Jia Xin, my partner whole day :)
Once arrived, I was so eager to meet up with her. It has been 2 weeks since I see her! Damn I missed her. Okay by the way, let me explain a bit about the photo above.

  • Right: She managed to guess 4 cards out of a deck of cards correctly. The way you play it is by just guessing what card is it without looking at it :) Haha, lame game but yet very fun at the same time.
  • Left: We were looking through the Prinsip Perakaunan for a little exposure towards this subject.

Goofing around is a way to enjoy life!
OH YA! I ALMOST FORGOT SOMETHING. Today, was really a miserable day! I copied all 36 nilai moral with the definition and kata kunci! My hand hurt like what the hell. On top of that, we even need to memorize at least 12 nilai! ZOMG. I am in misery..
We thought of skipping class after recess ends but then Jia Xin and I chose not to. We eventually walk into misery by ourselves! How good was us? Even I can't believe I just did that this morning.
I felt so accomplish this morning ^ ^

With Aidy Nazim.
He is really good in holding the camera at the right position. You know what he said once this photo was taken? "Okay, I look cute". LOL. He is a hilarious and talented guy. I always hear him singing haha :) Keep it up Aidy!

Oct 30, 2011

My Part Time Job

My uniform
Let me tell you what happened yesterday. I went to work, upstairs in My PrivateRoom, there's a Halloween Party. My assistant manager told me a day earlier that he would be a Vampire during the party and he also said that I would put on some make up and Sean will be make up into a Zombie. How interesting :) I've never join any Halloween Party before so it's something new for me (indirectly joining).

But guess what? The party was cancelled :( Ok wait, not that the party was cancelled. The part where I'll be in make up is cancelled :( My assistant manager didn't make up either, but he did put on fake fangs which makes mouth looks big.

Just took some photos around My CookBook; no Halloween thingy was taken :/

Oct 28, 2011

Penang Trip

This shop is specialized in soy and soy products. Its located near TuneHotel. Jalan Burmah.

See the photos. Sorry, I'm not gonna elaborate much.

Thumbs up!

This is extremely yummy!!

The decorations

Oct 27, 2011


My phone is completely spoiled! Now I am doing some research on some phones. Seeing which one will suit me more.

Sony Ericsson.

Xperia arc
Ohfuck, gorgeous!
Drop dead gorgeous


HTC Salsa
This have a facebook button !

I quite like this because it suits me more as a student.


Samsung Galaxy S2
I like this a lot too. It has many functions but it's more business liking?


8megapixels babeh! (Y)


Penang trip Teaser

I'll be back to post this.
Sorry to say I'm quite busy recently.

Oct 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali!


To my friend, Lingheswaran
Enjoy your day!
And if can can I have some muruku and curry? :D

Oct 21, 2011

3 days off! (3)

After the pit stop in Ipoh, we're off to Penang!

Once arrived in Penang, we checked in to our hotel. 
After checking in and unpacking our bags, we're off to the streets of Penang. First stop, Pulau Tikus!

This stall is located in front of;
Kedai Kopi Swee Hong
(corner lot)

This uncle have been selling Apam Balik for years..

He still uses charcoal to cook Apam Balik! OMG (Y)

RM0.90 each!

Next, we went to Lorong Selamat. Some people said that in Lorong Selamat, the char kuey teow have big prawns in it! I must have a look :)

Kafe Heng Huat
RM7.50 per plate.

  • It's quite spicy. I think it's not children friendly.
  • Prawns are big
  • Small portion :(
  • Uses charcoal
  • Expensive
It's not that special either, just that the prawns are big. In fact, I heard that this place is a tourism place, that's why the price is marked up. Quite disappointed :/

Next we when to next door to try out more food. Dad ordered kuey teow theng which is kuey teow soup.

Kedai Kopi Eng Hoo
RM3.50 per bowl

  • The soup is very unique! It has a special taste to the soup (Y)
  • The kuey teow is smooth.
  • Best compliments to the soup :)

Apple enjoyed the food expedition too! :D
That's all for today, stay tune!

Oct 20, 2011

3 Days off! (2)

I'm back with more food to recommend!

Still blogging bout Ipoh! :D

Okay, this stall down here is really famous with its tau fu fa and soy products. And this stall even appeared on Ho Chak! once :D After so long eating tau fu fa and drinking soya beans there, it finally appeared on tv! *Applause

Special recipe man!
Guess what? When we arrived, we saw so many people with big gigantic dslr. I thought what happened :O Lastly, I found out that they are reporters from a magazine. They even interviewed the boss there. The boss was so busy answering their question and serving tau fu fa. They even took a photo of my family! LOL. Mom got so excited and said we may appear in the magazine HAHA.

Right hand side of the photo is the boss there. So busy!
Tau fu fa promoter #1

Tau fu fa promoter #2 
I'm so sorry I didn't get the chance to take the photo of the tau fu fa by itself. Once we get the bowl of tau fu fa, in just 1 minute...it would be finish. I gotta say this is by far the best tau fu fa I've ever tasted. It's superbly smooth. On top of that, it only cost RM 0.90! Is it cheap or is it cheap? :D

Okay so that's all for today, keep viewing my blog these few days
coz more food is coming to your way!!

Oct 19, 2011

3 Days off!

Hi my dear cupcakes!
I'm back from my vacation! Miss me? I know you do HAHA.

Well, where have I been in these 3 days? I went to Penang with my family for 3days 2nights. It was a food expedition! That means eat, eat, eat, eat and eat!

We started our journey at 7am. On the way to Penang, we passed by Ipoh. Ipoh is known as a food heaven too! So of course we stopped by there to fill our hungry stomach. My sister searched the internet a day before for the top 5 restaurants in Ipoh. We went to one of the top 5 only.

Restaurant Foh San
51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: (605) 254-0308 Fax: (605) 253-5432

I was quite impressed with the looks of the restaurant. Maybe because I didn't see any other restaurants like this in Malaysia yet. I felt like I was in Hong Kong or China.

Dim sum. 

  • Bottom left: Siu mai. The taste is really unique. Different from the one I usually eat in KL.
  • Botom right: It's covered with pandan leaf. The pandan smell is really strong which makes it tastier. Must try!
  • Centre left: This is steamed with all kinds of chinese herbs. I forgot what was it called.
  • Centre right: Ha gao. The skill of folding this ha gao is really awesome. There's 2/3 prawns in it!
  • Top left: A type of hand made fish ball. The texture is really something. Thumbs up!
  • Top right: Some kind of ha gao but using a different type of skin to roll it up.

RM1.60 each
Same price as KL's but even bigger! 

I forgot what was this called. But it contains lots of 九菜 which smells so good. The sauce was unique too!
I think the sauce contains a bit of wasabi! :O

Chee Cheong Fun

This chee cheong fun is so smooth! It's a different style of chee cheong fun. This one have soy sauce and shallots. I usually eat the ones that have the sweet sauce and curry. So this is something new to me.

The interior. The workers were never free.

There's a take away counter too. So cute :D

Apple Ong hugging me close :*

Oct 14, 2011


Today my friends and I went to Sunway Giza! Why? Because my friend, Voonwei, called me last night and said that she was eager to work! Haha, she's so cute :) So yeah, since I wanted to look for a part time job too, we went to look together. Chungjie joined us too. We went to different type of shops. Apparently, I found out that many shops are hiring too! Wahaha, so we had fun exploring while looking for jobs :)

In the end, Voonwei and Chungjie will be working together while I'll be working alone in another restaurant. I have a good feeling with my work place *fingers crossed!* :) 
Feel free to look for me in any restaurants there! Coz I maybe serving you there! Haha :)


Geez, I notice I really like to do this mouth shape last time. There isn't much difference from my present photo right? Still the same old look. HAHA.

Oct 13, 2011


Geez, I didn't even get to go out these few days. I stayed home, rotting due to the boredom. I rather go to school man!

Oh my dear pmr candidates,
how was your holidays?

I can't sleep!

Too much coffee, makes Prisong awake :)

OMG, I think I drank too much coffee at Austin Chase just now. Which makes me so alert now.

Today, my mood was quite unstable? Quite grumpy the whole day due to some reasons that I can't identify either :/ Until at night, the mood goes on, still the same! So I decided to step outside and dance like there is no tomorrow. It really loosen myself. That's why I loveeeee dancing so fucking much. Dancing releases me from stress and let's myself to have fun :)

Sungai Buloh's Pan Mee!

HAHA, just a random photo of food to keep you guys drooling :P

Oct 10, 2011

LOLY's 1st Anniversary!

10.10.2010 It's our first anniversary babeh!

Time flies~ Wohoo. It's already 3 years being friends. But it's the first LOLY anniversary. 
And time brought the four of us together.

~During form 1, we're normal friends.
~Form 2, we got closer ( we even gave special names to each other).
such as kopi O, 1 o'clock, and even animal names like Hippo.
~Form 3, our relationship bloomed to a big gorgeous flower!

You know, girls, I really like the time we are spending, were spending and going to spend together :)
I truly hope that you will be my friends for life.

I love you LOLY!
I know you love me too :P

xoxo, prisong.



Last Day of PMR! (2)

Woots ! Here is part 2 ! Here are some photos my buddy took :) Credits to Peiern.

After all the subjects are over, it's photo time!
Seems like, I'm the happiest among them HAHA. And for your information, the green uniform girl thinks that she's not-so-nice so she covered her face -..-

- ^.^ -

This photo was taken during recess.

And here, you can see that my friend, Peiern was really kind to me :) Why? Because I looked not-so-nice in this photo, so she helped me to cover my face HAHA.

- ^.^ -

A.W.E.S.O.M.E spells PRISONG :D
Wahahaha! I'll end this post with my awesome photo above :D You know you love me, xoxo gossip girl.
LOL! Nahhhh, let's try it again shall we?

xoxo, Prisong   
PS: Despidida Evonne! Have fun in Spain. See you next year babe :)