Sep 9, 2011

110909 Go Raya!

First of all, I wanna wish Miss Ong,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 生日快乐! and iloveyou :) hee~

Today Ah Yan and I went for raya! Yeah! Ain invited us to her open house. And of course I will never miss a chance to enjoy this festive season too :D

Thankyou so much Ain for the delicious food! And also the kuih raya :D Thanks for inviting me too, appreciated it.

Later we meet up with Karwei to go for cycling! We were cycling around the area then we three decided to go to Chungjie house! I was thinking, "Aiya Chungjie stay so near..go visit him for a while la".

But then until half way...we just notice that his house is so far! Lol. In the end we reached Chungjie house in one piece :)

So glad to reach there... We was extremely tired! This happens when you have lack of exercise! -,-

Chungjie look so yeng here. Doesn't mean you before this not yeng ar haha xD

We smiled coz we managed to reach his house safely!
After chatting for a while with Chungjie, went back to Karwei house and have some refreshments.

Ah Yan :D

1 and 2 and 3.

Last time hanging out til PMR is over!

PS: Thankyou Ah Yan for accompanying me :)

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