Aug 31, 2011

Merdaka Raya!


1st Day of Raya and Merdeka Day, hmm..

Apparently I went back to my hometown. It was extremely last minute! My dad woke us up on Merdeka Raya around 7am and said "Let's balik kampung!". Ohmygosh -,- So sleepy. I just had to get my lazy buttocks up and started to pack.

1st day was fun, I get to play with my cousins. From morning til night. Such fun!


Stir fry egg plant with cili padi. Thumbs up for mom :D

Yong Tau Fu. Awesome! *drools*

Teo Chew style steam fish. Dad's specialty.  
I notice my parents love to make Yong Tau Fu when we come back to Mentakab.

PS: I just notice that the exact chinese name for Mentakab was 文德家 :)

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