Aug 31, 2011

Merdaka Raya!


1st Day of Raya and Merdeka Day, hmm..

Apparently I went back to my hometown. It was extremely last minute! My dad woke us up on Merdeka Raya around 7am and said "Let's balik kampung!". Ohmygosh -,- So sleepy. I just had to get my lazy buttocks up and started to pack.

1st day was fun, I get to play with my cousins. From morning til night. Such fun!


Stir fry egg plant with cili padi. Thumbs up for mom :D

Yong Tau Fu. Awesome! *drools*

Teo Chew style steam fish. Dad's specialty.  
I notice my parents love to make Yong Tau Fu when we come back to Mentakab.

PS: I just notice that the exact chinese name for Mentakab was 文德家 :)

Aug 29, 2011

A day before Merdeka Raya

That evening, I decided to go to Peiern's house. I thought of taking the bus to her house but at last my mom decided to fetch me there :) Kamsahamida!

I sneak into her room wahaha. She got extremely shock! Sorry yo :P When I went to her house, we played and chatted.. It has been quite a while since I to go to my friend's house. Oh yeah, and I saw Baby Chloe. OMG, she is so fat! So CHUBBY! So CUTE :D Haha.

At night I had a family barbeque at my house to celebrate Merdeka Raya Eve.

Mom marinated the chicken til it taste extremely flavourful!

Our first time doing this. DELICIOUS.

Aug 28, 2011

What's for dinner?

Rice with curry chicken with side dish squid and spinach.

With home cooking like this, who needs outside food?
Damn, I love my mom so much for beng such a good cook :)
 My sister and I helped my mom to cook this yummilicious dinner.

Leisure time

Awesomeeeee game.
I definitely will download this game first IF I got a touch phone :)
This few days, this is the only game i'm playing.
Addicted -,- 

Aug 27, 2011

110826 Hanging out!

PMR trial is over!
Hooraaaay! This's time to relax and hang out with my buddies :)

Date: 26-08-11
Venue: One Utama

It was such a last minute decision for us to go to OneUtama. Started off, KarWei and ChungJie will come to my house first, then Peiern will pick us up. But ended up with, ChungJie and I following Voonwei.
*ChungJie walked so fast! I had to run in my high heels!

Once arrive, decided where to have lunch. After 'debating' lol, Nandos was the choice!
Peiern's drink. Mocha.
I only got one photo that we took at Nandos. Since that time I'm not in the mood to take photos.

Later, we all went to Popular. Voonwei explain to us bout 星光大道. Expert in that :D Then we all talked a lot bout the Hong Kong artiste and so on... It was real fun to walk around and talking bout the albums that we saw. OH YEAH, we also bump into Tif and her bf xD Dating dating oh~

Chungjie wanted to buy a pencil box so much. Voonwei and him was like a mother and son. Chungjie make so many noise coz he wanted to buy that pencil box but then he don't have enough money. Lol.
*sound effects* Jeng jeng jeng, suddenly Jason popped up from nowhere! HAHA. He came to hang out with us, kind? :)

Headed to Starbucks then.
Voonwei and Peiern's

Promoting Starbucks. lol.

We sat down and chit chatted. Somehow at the moment, it was so much fun for me. We all chatted.
I think my meaning of 'hang out' is: a bunch of friends spending time talking and getting to know them even more rather than going for a movie but then no communication occurs.


Peiern and Chungjie.
Around 4.30pm, Voonwei and Peiern went home. Left the four of us, Jason, Chungjie, Karwei and I.
There was one scene where four of us went to the toilet, Karwei and I took quite some time in the toilet. Then when we came out, Chungjie and Jason was outside waiting for us. "Aiyoh, so slow la", said Jason. 
It was quite a cute funny scene as I walk out the toilet and saw them waiting :)

The four of us decided to go to the arcade but then I was attracted with the S&J shop. So we all went in for a look :) Woah, I got to say..this shop sells so many weirdly-creative things. We guessed the usage of those weirdly-creative a...guessing game! ;D And once the answers are reveal..we will go so stunned and burst out with laughter.hahahaa.

Rock rock scissors! Paper mana? Haha

BANG his head yeah! xD

Chungjie :)
Headed to the arcade later. We get so pek chek with the coin machine -,- Waste of money man! We thought of cheating thou ;) But too bad Jason was so thin...can't tilt the machine besides, there's the cctv there.
So the guys just go and play racing. Then later, play those drums.

Jason won. Nevermind, there is always a second time :)

Seeing him playing this kinda games for the first time (Y)
Today was really a fun day. Spending time with them was such a pleasure :)
Hope Dex can go next time! Wahaha..
Ending this post with a epic photo of Chungjie! xD

"Huh? What?"
I had a really fun time today.
Thanks a lot everyone ♥
PS: Thumbs up for Chungjie and Jason for being such gentleman today :)

Aug 16, 2011

Au revoir !

Lol, i had to make this paper to paste it on my right-hand side so that I can stay focus!

Bye readers ! My pmr trial is just 2 days away :)
I can't wait for it to end!
Just 6 days then I'm a free girl! :D


Aug 13, 2011


My first photo post :D