Jul 29, 2011

I'm back again!

(Notice that most of my pictures recently is this shirt?!)
A lot has been happening and I enjoyed every bit of it.
96line have been great, LoLy have been great :)

How bout myself? Yeah, quite good recently too.
Besides losing the blog competition at school, other things are fine :D Bout the blog competition, ohmygosh..turns out that my blogging skills sucks -.-
Blogging mood is so gonna wear off if i kept remember bout that lost.

Oh yeah, bulan puasa is coming! This Sunday if not mistaken. I'm taking this chance to not eat to and to loose some weight. I've been putting some weight recently! You know? I wanted to ask my friends to go exercise with me but I can't find any hard working one.
I have two friends that are good athletes name, Naene and Nazri but I think they don't even bother me anymore.. ;/  Thought of asking them to go jogging together. Aiyah, Pris just forget bout it.

PS: I love my school life very berry much :) I'm gonna appreciate what I have now especially my friends at school.


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