Jul 7, 2011

Hari Sukan 2011

Hi peeps! Here's an update from my school's sports day.
This year's sports day is a bit different based on venue. Every year, our sports day it will be held at our school field. But this year...the event took placed in Stadium Kelana Jaya.

Let the photos do the talking.

Eating time for me :)
Ain brought these oh-so-adorable mini cupcakes :D Thank you..
Friends from the yellow team :)


Friends from the green team :) Ayu looked so cute here.




100m sprint!
Wahaha...so fun xD
Okay, continue with the photos :)
The boys.. Farid, Shakir and Aidy. I love Aidy's spectacles btw!
Woah, that girl was fast!
Red team preparing for the parade.
Here comes the parade!

Red team had a capsicum as their mascot. Quite cacat la..but yet acceptable by me since it's my team :P
Their mascot should be a butterfly. It doesn't look like a butterfly. I bet you can't even see it.  Not attractive at all -.-

Green team was great. Their mascot was The Hulk! Sadly The Hulk can't close his mouth at all! xD
Green team also have cheerleaders! But it's quite lame..sorry

Yellow team with the sunflower theme.

Wahaha, i like this! I wore this due to the HOT weather. It belongs to my friend, Selina :)

The medal that Kamil got. 4X400M ! Good job red team.
PS: Both olahragawan and olahragawati was from the green team! Aiyahh D; Congrats to Aaron and Izzati.

Final results;
1st Wira (green team)
2nd Waja (red team)
3rd Iswara (yellow team)
4th Satria (blue team)

Congrats to all winners :)

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