Jul 19, 2011

Hari Kokurikulum 2011

An update bout Hari Koko :) This year i'm so busy at Hari Koko.

First, I got kawad kaki competition.
2nd, 3 Adil(my class) opens a food stall so I gotta help out :)
3rd, SPBT also opens a food stall so I also need to go help out.

Arrived at school at 6.30am with Ern. We two tucked in our scout uniform. For me I like it coz my shirt is long..so when I tuck in it looks more neat. Almost everyone reached there. My class also arrived early at the stall. Seeing all their business-looking-look was so nice xD Hahaha... It's our first time opening a stall! Damn excited la wei!



Aimi and Ain enjoying the food :)

PBSM's formation
Puteri Islam

KP! Salute la wei! (Y)


Alan as our commander again this year :)

I'm so proud of you all scouts 149 :) We all really did a very good job. Although there are minor mistakes..we really did our BEST! I'm so proud :')

Overall results;
1st Kadet Polis
2nd Kadet Remaja Sekolah
3rd Kadet Bomba
4th Pengakap!
5th Puteri Islam
6th PBSM

Best Commander: Sarjan Amirul from Kadet Polis

Most uniform: PBSM

Whole year kokurikulum winner:


ALthough we scouts didn't win anything,
we were very happy with ourselves :)
Once a scout always a scout!

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