Jul 30, 2011


Coffee Chemistry.

Somehow, this few days I love to drink coffee so much. I get to try some varieties of coffee.
I've tried latte, mocha, white coffee...
Coffee Chemistry and Dazzling are nice. Dazzling white coffee is a must.

Austin Chase too! Their coffee are great!

Jul 29, 2011

I'm back again!

(Notice that most of my pictures recently is this shirt?!)
A lot has been happening and I enjoyed every bit of it.
96line have been great, LoLy have been great :)

How bout myself? Yeah, quite good recently too.
Besides losing the blog competition at school, other things are fine :D Bout the blog competition, ohmygosh..turns out that my blogging skills sucks -.-
Blogging mood is so gonna wear off if i kept remember bout that lost.

Oh yeah, bulan puasa is coming! This Sunday if not mistaken. I'm taking this chance to not eat to and to loose some weight. I've been putting some weight recently! You know? I wanted to ask my friends to go exercise with me but I can't find any hard working one.
I have two friends that are good athletes name, Naene and Nazri but I think they don't even bother me anymore.. ;/  Thought of asking them to go jogging together. Aiyah, Pris just forget bout it.

PS: I love my school life very berry much :) I'm gonna appreciate what I have now especially my friends at school.



She's turning one years old this 2nd of August !

Jul 19, 2011

Hari Kokurikulum 2011

An update bout Hari Koko :) This year i'm so busy at Hari Koko.

First, I got kawad kaki competition.
2nd, 3 Adil(my class) opens a food stall so I gotta help out :)
3rd, SPBT also opens a food stall so I also need to go help out.

Arrived at school at 6.30am with Ern. We two tucked in our scout uniform. For me I like it coz my shirt is long..so when I tuck in it looks more neat. Almost everyone reached there. My class also arrived early at the stall. Seeing all their business-looking-look was so nice xD Hahaha... It's our first time opening a stall! Damn excited la wei!



Aimi and Ain enjoying the food :)

PBSM's formation
Puteri Islam

KP! Salute la wei! (Y)


Alan as our commander again this year :)

I'm so proud of you all scouts 149 :) We all really did a very good job. Although there are minor mistakes..we really did our BEST! I'm so proud :')

Overall results;
1st Kadet Polis
2nd Kadet Remaja Sekolah
3rd Kadet Bomba
4th Pengakap!
5th Puteri Islam
6th PBSM

Best Commander: Sarjan Amirul from Kadet Polis

Most uniform: PBSM

Whole year kokurikulum winner:


ALthough we scouts didn't win anything,
we were very happy with ourselves :)
Once a scout always a scout!

Day out.

Date: 25/05/2011
Venue: Sushi King

Mouth itchy for some sushi!

Jul 18, 2011

Oh my?

My recent photo. My hair have grown longggg! Ho-yeahh :D

I just notice that many people is mentioning bout' PMR now.

I always keep in mind that PMR is right about the corner.

My friends kept talking bout' the future. What stream to take.

Pure science? Sub-science? Bio or account? 

Dilemma dilemma.

Well, i'm not going to think bout' the future for now,
because what matters is now. The present decides the future.
Now, my trial is important.
My goal 7A's. 

Spot on babe!
Good luck to all :)

Jul 12, 2011

Funny moments.

I had fun at school today! Wanna know why?

Well, first...I have pj! I played baseball with Yan Yan. We both are the more active type compared to Ern.
But after a while, around 8am, I have marching practice. So we both went to the front gate. Met up with Ern, Tif, Huamin and Yan Min. Suddenly came Chung Jie singing "I will follow you" xD

I tried to give commands to my friends since our real commander was late :P Firdaus said we should have started at 7.30am. But erm...well...i don't know? Oh well, so we march here and there. It was quite fun being the commander. We finished our first formation today. I hope tomorrow will finish the second one. I was so tired!

Jason, Ern, Chung Jie and I wanted to get our food upstairs but it's already 9.55am! We can't go up. Yan Yan won't let us go up :( So hungry you know, my dear? Anyways, this prove that she is a responsible pengawas! So please vote for her to be ketua exco again :) Lol! She is now an exco tangga aka. jaga tangga la. And she only opens the stairs at 10.02am sharp at her watch! Wth...aiyoh..a too resposible pengawas.. Okay lah, salute you xD Lol!

We ran up the stairs as hungry ghosts. Jason go and get his egg fried rice. Ern and I ate her tuna bread. Lucky got food if not I'll be so so so hungry.

Then it was science period, we prayed that someone would just call us go down to get an injection. And suddenly...the miracle arrived! *sound effect* "3 Adil turun ke bilik kesihatan"! Wahahaha...no science! Lol...
You know why we all rather go get an injection than staying in science class? First, everyone was quite tired that day..and then whenever teacher comes in..she straight away gives us work. It's like non stop. After notes then exercise. And in science class it's quite intense, well.. for me, it does. But anyways, this type of teacher doesn't wastes time. Thumbs up :)

So.....back to topic. INJECTION.

Yan was the first to ran down to bilik kesihatan so were I! I was just behind her. She happily walked to the bilik kesihatan, haha. Such a cute girl. We all queued up outside. Suddenly, Ern, Yan and I got a bit afraid of the injection because students that came out said "So pain" and they even show the pain in their face. Yan was first in line, next with Ern and then me. We three decided to arrange in decending order this time, so it's YLO. Hmm..I bet Voon Wei had her injection already.. So it would be LYLO instead of LOLY :)

I gotta say, the practical nurse really inject so fast. It's like 3 secs?! When she was going to inject me, her teacher said "Not too deep". In my heart was like...Oh my god! Not too deep?! Woi..don't inject to deep..please please please!. The moment she inject the liquid into my blood stream, I was looking straight towards Ern that was sitting opposite me and showing her a-resisting-pain-face. OMG, that was pain then later no pain was felt. Then! Suddenly my hand went numb! Soon..I felt the pain again.. ouch..

Ern and I got injected at the same time. Yan came out just seconds after that. And guess what? We all came out laughing! Lol! Other students came out with pain-looking-faces but we came out with pain-happy-laughing-hyper-faces. Lol~ We laughed all the way back to class. Funniest injection ever!! Hahahaha..

The end....

PS: Happy Birthday to Evonne! Wish you all the best girl! :)

Jul 9, 2011

Day out.

Date: 8th July 2011
Venue: 大嘴巴
Partners: Pei Ern, Kar Wei

We decided to go out to have fun for a day. Just a day! Pei Ern say it will be our very very last time going out until pmr. So let's have fun babeh! Thank you to aunty, (Kar Wei's mom) for sending us there.

Once reached, quickly choose songs and start to sing!

At night, mom wasn't around. Dad decided to bring us out. Went to Austin Chase for coffee and cake. Their coffee are awesommmmmmmee! 

Two brewed coffee. One was upgraded to latte.


Jul 7, 2011

Hari Sukan 2011

Hi peeps! Here's an update from my school's sports day.
This year's sports day is a bit different based on venue. Every year, our sports day it will be held at our school field. But this year...the event took placed in Stadium Kelana Jaya.

Let the photos do the talking.

Eating time for me :)
Ain brought these oh-so-adorable mini cupcakes :D Thank you..
Friends from the yellow team :)


Friends from the green team :) Ayu looked so cute here.




100m sprint!
Wahaha...so fun xD
Okay, continue with the photos :)
The boys.. Farid, Shakir and Aidy. I love Aidy's spectacles btw!
Woah, that girl was fast!
Red team preparing for the parade.
Here comes the parade!

Red team had a capsicum as their mascot. Quite cacat la..but yet acceptable by me since it's my team :P
Their mascot should be a butterfly. It doesn't look like a butterfly. I bet you can't even see it.  Not attractive at all -.-

Green team was great. Their mascot was The Hulk! Sadly The Hulk can't close his mouth at all! xD
Green team also have cheerleaders! But it's quite lame..sorry

Yellow team with the sunflower theme.

Wahaha, i like this! I wore this due to the HOT weather. It belongs to my friend, Selina :)

The medal that Kamil got. 4X400M ! Good job red team.
PS: Both olahragawan and olahragawati was from the green team! Aiyahh D; Congrats to Aaron and Izzati.

Final results;
1st Wira (green team)
2nd Waja (red team)
3rd Iswara (yellow team)
4th Satria (blue team)

Congrats to all winners :)

Jul 4, 2011