Jun 21, 2011

Favourite Tuesday

My favourite day of a week is Tuesday! I just noticed this recently.
It's because I love Tuesday's time table, then at 4.30pm, got K-Pop day on 8e-news...
At night, my favourite tv series, Hellcats :)

Tuesday's time table is very free..
Starting with English, then PJ..

We played softball today! It was so fun! :D But to bad we play catch here catch there only..I wanted to make a home run xD Teacher just asked us to throw and catch the ball. No hitting allowed yet but Nisa did used the bat to hit :/

All of a sudden!! Krinnngggg... The fire alarm rang! I thought what on the earth happened. Many people gathered at the field. Luckily I was at the field already so there's no need to run down from the third floor. Linghes said something funny about Lcd that time..i forgot what already... We all lined up according to class. Ah Bell came down bringing nothing. Tif brought her folio down, so as Jia Wen! HAHA! They saved their folio.....lol... Some saved their scientific calculator too. Yan went worried about her calculator.
The whole school lined up at the field with the sun shinning so brightly.. The sun was able to kiss our skin again -.- I saw some seniors bringing their umbrella's down...avoiding being dark-skinned. Walao..

Thennn....the bomba came...a small fire was set at the field then they extinguish the fire that they set.. What?! They put off a fire that they set...! -.- All of this was just a fire training.. So we students are safe. End of story :)

My skinned got so dark! -.- Adui......

So the events that happened today was
- Played softball!
- Fire training
- Hair service by Evonne..lol. She did a braid for me.
- KH, talked to teacher about her life..lalalla..

End of story.

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