Jun 25, 2011


♬~Boyfriend by Boyfriend

I am afraid I've gotten addicted to this song!

Music video.

Dance version.

I am so gonna learn the dance part at 1.32-1.36! XD

Jun 24, 2011

Open Day

It's my school's open day.........

My class.

Sem's turn.

Nurain and Linghes. Green shirt girl behind would be Pei Ern.

Syahirah and Yasmin. My dad thought they were twins from the back.

After taking my report card, my dad and I went to my sister's school aka. my primary school.
Looks more nicer now with the new paint. It has been 3 years since i stepped in this school.


Overall results: 4A 3B.
15th in the class.
"BM, SN, KH needs improvement", says teacher.


Jun 23, 2011


These few days, my friends seemed to be sick.
Even I'm sick. I have flue.
My sister got fever and flue.
Miss O, got body ache, flue and almost fever.
Miss L, got fever.
Miss Y, got sore throat and almost fever.

I just hope everyone gets well soon.
Take care everyone.

Jun 21, 2011

Favourite Tuesday

My favourite day of a week is Tuesday! I just noticed this recently.
It's because I love Tuesday's time table, then at 4.30pm, got K-Pop day on 8e-news...
At night, my favourite tv series, Hellcats :)

Tuesday's time table is very free..
Starting with English, then PJ..

We played softball today! It was so fun! :D But to bad we play catch here catch there only..I wanted to make a home run xD Teacher just asked us to throw and catch the ball. No hitting allowed yet but Nisa did used the bat to hit :/

All of a sudden!! Krinnngggg... The fire alarm rang! I thought what on the earth happened. Many people gathered at the field. Luckily I was at the field already so there's no need to run down from the third floor. Linghes said something funny about Lcd that time..i forgot what already... We all lined up according to class. Ah Bell came down bringing nothing. Tif brought her folio down, so as Jia Wen! HAHA! They saved their folio.....lol... Some saved their scientific calculator too. Yan went worried about her calculator.
The whole school lined up at the field with the sun shinning so brightly.. The sun was able to kiss our skin again -.- I saw some seniors bringing their umbrella's down...avoiding being dark-skinned. Walao..

Thennn....the bomba came...a small fire was set at the field then they extinguish the fire that they set.. What?! They put off a fire that they set...! -.- All of this was just a fire training.. So we students are safe. End of story :)

My skinned got so dark! -.- Adui......

So the events that happened today was
- Played softball!
- Fire training
- Hair service by Evonne..lol. She did a braid for me.
- KH, talked to teacher about her life..lalalla..

End of story.

Olympiad Maths.


It was a last minute decision for me to join Olympiad Maths. I lied to my buddy, Ah Bell, that I wasn't able to go. It was a surprise! :D

So around 7.45pm, I arrived at school. My friends had already arrived. Around 8.15am, we're off to University Malaya. My partner of the day is Ah Bell :) Yan Yan sat on the first row with Nadhira and next to her was her buddies, LCD and Linghes :)

There are two teachers accompanying 44 students there.

We arrived! This is Syazwan and Miss Ong.

We reached there and straight away got out the bus to stretch our legs. Yan was so hyper, so am I! HAHA. Once arrived, we saw many other schools there already. I notice my school was the only one wearing blazers there. There were few other school which wear blazers too but not as many as my school :)

We stand at an open area there (the photo above). Miss Ong took some photos there. We were told to jump then teacher would take our photos in the air but......quite blurry.. I even asked teacher to jump! xD Hahahaha... teacher did jumped! but i didn't snap her photo :(

Later, we went in the exam hall. What a good environment i tell you! Fully air-condition and cushioned seats :D
The questions was HARD! I don't have training at all but actually teacher just wants us to gain experience there :) At least I didn't left the paper without answers..hehe. I was able to crack my head!

On the way home.............

Take one!

Take two!

Take three! JUMP!!

Oh ya, I also have LOLY photos :) It's a must to take the photos of us, wahahaha. Although Ern wasn't there, we still took some photos. It's so funny la weihhh! Look below..


I hope the blue dress girl won't kill me when she sees this picture! Fingers crossed!!


Jun 5, 2011

Breakfast is GOOD

Recently, I have been taking this for breakfast;

Cheerios and V-Soy

I gotta say, it's a perfect match. I personally loves it.
V-soy is like so yummy and creamy not like other soy milk.
It's was my first time buying Cheerios. I tried some food sample.
And it was great! :D

Well, just here to share what's my breakfast during schooling days.
What's your breakfast?

Jun 2, 2011

10 month old Apple!

Apple Ong
You are now 10 months old my dear baby sister :)
It's just like yesterday I saw you were 3 months old,
but now you've turned 10 months.
Double digit already my sister!