May 31, 2011

Preparation needed!

I'm backkkk!!
3 days at camp and now I'm back to update my blog :)

Last week, on 25th of May. We finished exam! Yeah! So on that day, LOLY decided to go out and release ourselves. Four of us decided to go out and buy stuff needed for our big secret plan, that is....a present for our teacher. But unfortunately, Yan Yan can't follow :( Sketsa practice -.- AIYOH!

So, that leaves..Ern, Ah Bell and I. We three waited quite a while for the bus to arrive. It was Ah Bell's 3rd time taking a bus :) Teehee.. We reach The Curve at approximately 2.30pm? o.0 Lunch time!!
After discussion and discussion, Ern's pick finally won.. ---> Vivo
Kenny Rogers and IKEA's fish and chips lost :(

Top right; Creamy Mushroom(vegetarian).
Bottom left; Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice.
Bottom right; Tropical BBQ Chicken Chop.
Next we head to Popular. We spend most of our time there. Getting ideas here and there. Planning what to buy and etc.

Lastly, we went to print out some photos. On our way back to Curve, we stop by Each A Cup.

Blue Coral
Shopping for gift together was fun. This is our first time doing such a big project together...
and on 26th of May,
Let the project begin!

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