Apr 27, 2011

So long!

Hello peeps!
It has been so long since I've done my blogging.
Seriously busy with my school life.
Homeworks, history folio and geo folio and also my revision.
Exam is in two weeks time (if i'm not mistaken).

Last few weeks, my teacher said such meaningful things.
Her words are still floating in my mind.
It was about school life.
I ask you, how long will you study?
Let's see...since I'm 5 years old from kindergarden..until now..aged 15..
Plus another 2 years til form 5 and maybe 2-4 years studying in university.
Only 16 years of studying and I'm off to working life.
Working is almost like forever..
from 16 to 55 years old..
39 years of working!
Imagine that!

So..study when you still can study in school..
I know many don't like school..
but from what I've heard from people who are working..
They hope they can go back to school.
Working life is way more complicated and difficult than school life.
A note from my teacher :)


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