Apr 4, 2011

Not far away

The sky was crying or urinating (I prefer crying :P) when I arrived at school today.
So yeah, my friend Kar Wei picked me up :)

Teacher checked my folio. Ohmygosh, need to redo :( But hehe, never  mind I'm in the mood to do so :)
Inspector Chia and Sem checked my place and Ern -.- 得空没事做!

Got something call the Olympiad Maths. If you think you are smart in maths, you should go check out this website > Mathematics Olympiad. Answer this (but there is answers there too) > OMK 2007
Best of luck :) I'm trying too coz I was thinking of joining my friends in this OMK.
After that, teacher suddenly said something...
"You all left 6 months til PMR"
Teacher definitely scared some of us in class :/
6 months = half a year
Seriously time flies!
6 months is like cipuuuut(little) only weih!

Am I ready for PMR? NO I'm not...
I'm still wearing the playful mask..
Wanting to put on the serious mask now! Fingers crossed!!

4th of October 2011 is PMR 2011 :)
Be ready 15-year-old peeps! 

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