Apr 6, 2011


Today's art class was superblyyyyy fun! :D

Did the..er...catan? Nope nope, cetakan! A ha, cetakan :D

Didn't rotate. Sorry.

We LOLY, did a project today! I guessed it's our first! Teehee, so happy sial!
We made our very own t-shirt...! :D Loveeeeee it.
The t-shirt was done by every single on of us.
We all contributed <3
We draw some new emoticons too,
each with all of their uniqueness :)
T-shirt is currently with Yan Yan, so gonna be taking a photo of the t-shirt next time.

Fuyooh, we made gadgets! And I successfully did the ikatan..
There was simpul manuk, buku sila and the new one...ikatan kacang.
We made a tripod. Will be uploading the photo soon. Teacher took our photo, thank you. Helmi poyo la -,- Hahaha xD Farah said so.
My girl Sarah would like to do the Beat :) Hope to learn it soon! Fingers crossed together with you girl :)
I'm glad that everyone took turns to do the gadget.

Before the activity started, there was a poke fight which I dislike because I was loosing all the time. Out number -,- And they had a secret weapon called Rapid Poke. Lol -,- Which can poke people so many times in one second -.-! Yam Sheng Lip, don't poke me! Same goes to you Chia Jason! -,- 
Well, at least I managed to poke back few times. That 'few' was really very few.. Gosh!
PS: Since I borrowed you my phone, don't poke me back in one week. If forever don't poke also can ^ ^ More preferable :P Thanks.


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