Apr 10, 2011

A folio made us do it!

Yeap, a folio made us go to Batu Caves! Due to our sejarah folio, my group decided to go to Batu Caves to do some research. It can be counted as our first outing trip! Wohoo!

Around 4pm, Ern, Yan and I reached Linghes house. His mom will be sending us to Batu Caves. LCD already arrived when we reached Linghes house. Went up to his house for a while before leaving. His house got astro! Even I don't have astro.. 失败, prisong! -.-

A group photo before leaving.

Guess how we sat inside the car.
There was 6 people in the car including Linghes's mom.
Ern, Yan, me and Linghes sat behind! Lcd and aunty sat comfortably in front.
All girls squeeze a skinny boy xD

Stop by the petrol station first! Came out to take some air.

The cute hippo!
Reaching there takes less than 25minutes. Along the way, Linghes and I kept giving wrong information to Yan bout Batu Caves.

"Ha...we reach already"
"Where where..I can't see Batu Cave"
"Oh sorry, this is not the one"

"I sure is after this flyover can see Batu Cave"
"Where? Got meh?"
"Eh eh? Oh nope, another flyover only reach there"
"You ar! Give wrong information! -.-"

We could see the statue from far away. We also saw the steps! Yan almost pengsan coz it was so high! When I saw it i went "Woahhh! It's that high?". It looks stiff actually. So in the car we told each other that we wanna hold hands and go up together. Ern even said that she don't want to go up already -.- Coz it's too high.

Once arrive, we were all so excited :D
Ah Bell reached earlier than us. After taking some photos, we went up!

As promised, Lcd carried our bags up :P 
There were three lanes. Ah Bell,Yan and I went the middle one. The first lanes had too much monkeys sitting there. The last lane was a non-monkey lane. Lol. So the boys and Ern used the last lane because they don't want to encounter with a monkey.

Team work! Look at the stairs! Ohmygosh..
We didnt hold hands going up. All were busy going up the stairs without facing a monkey. At one part, Ah Bell, Yan and I faced a monkey! Not monkey, monkeys! Three monkeys! Woah...we stopped for quite a while only we continued. At that time, The others were ahead of us.

When I reach the top, I felt it was such an accomplishment! 275+ steps! I was able to go up those stairs. I'm proud of myself x) Hahaha. The view was nice :) 

Results, Lcd and Linghes was first to reach the top. I was 2nd. Ah Bell was 3rd.
(We didnt even race up also la, it's just for fun :P)

Yan was 4th.

Ern was last. 

It was tiring I tell ya. But it was extremely worth it. It was my first time going up soooo many stairs :)

Inside the cave. There are stairs too!
Yan, Linghes and Lcd prayed in Batu Caves. Pray for 7A/8A's for pmr? :) 
This is where the three prayed.
At the same time, the other three (me, Ern, Ah Bell) went up another flight of stairs..

To be continue...
due to computer lag-ness..

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