Apr 29, 2011

Exercised then comes Mcd?!

I'm back!! (the word 'back' reminds me of 2pm's song, I'll be back..)

Today I manage to go exercise with Miss Kar Wei!
It's time to exercise and keep fit. I asked her to come to my house around 5pm+. I called her around 4pm+ to tell her that. Ended up I over slept! She woke me up..lol. Quickly get ready and off w go.
Started with a jog around the neighbourhood and then we cycled! I enjoyed cycling :)

Then! She went home, I went home since it's almost 7pm.

Dad surprisingly brought home McDonald. And then he asked us to get ready a basket. I mean like.."What for?" Then he say there is alot of things.. -.-?

I think you dont know what is this..

This angle better :) See the 'M'?

I got 5 of this cup now x)

What a guilty pleasure! After exercising then comes this McD..fulamaak... My exercise for that evening was effortless. But aiya...who cares...once a while having fast food is okay since I've had vegetables on the menu almost everyday :P

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