Apr 29, 2011


This Oxford Mini Thesaurus is very useful recently.
Essays is quite of a major problem for me recently.
I got stuck when I want to write the essay out.
Reading a lot of books and dictionarys helps a lot for me.

Oh yeah, back to my title.
Yeap, my class monitor tag is fixed! Thank god it's fixed!
If not I will not forgive myself for my careless mistake.

Walaa :D

Is that eyebag I see? 0.o Ohmygosh?!

Exercised then comes Mcd?!

I'm back!! (the word 'back' reminds me of 2pm's song, I'll be back..)

Today I manage to go exercise with Miss Kar Wei!
It's time to exercise and keep fit. I asked her to come to my house around 5pm+. I called her around 4pm+ to tell her that. Ended up I over slept! She woke me up..lol. Quickly get ready and off w go.
Started with a jog around the neighbourhood and then we cycled! I enjoyed cycling :)

Then! She went home, I went home since it's almost 7pm.

Dad surprisingly brought home McDonald. And then he asked us to get ready a basket. I mean like.."What for?" Then he say there is alot of things.. -.-?

I think you dont know what is this..

This angle better :) See the 'M'?

I got 5 of this cup now x)

What a guilty pleasure! After exercising then comes this McD..fulamaak... My exercise for that evening was effortless. But aiya...who cares...once a while having fast food is okay since I've had vegetables on the menu almost everyday :P

Apr 27, 2011

So long!

Hello peeps!
It has been so long since I've done my blogging.
Seriously busy with my school life.
Homeworks, history folio and geo folio and also my revision.
Exam is in two weeks time (if i'm not mistaken).

Last few weeks, my teacher said such meaningful things.
Her words are still floating in my mind.
It was about school life.
I ask you, how long will you study?
Let's see...since I'm 5 years old from kindergarden..until now..aged 15..
Plus another 2 years til form 5 and maybe 2-4 years studying in university.
Only 16 years of studying and I'm off to working life.
Working is almost like forever..
from 16 to 55 years old..
39 years of working!
Imagine that!

So..study when you still can study in school..
I know many don't like school..
but from what I've heard from people who are working..
They hope they can go back to school.
Working life is way more complicated and difficult than school life.
A note from my teacher :)


Apr 16, 2011


Galaxy autograph session. 

How lucky?! JKS look so cute here :)

Ciaoo people, busy week!